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  1. Seconded. I've seen everything GW2 has to offer and while I take breaks from time to time I'm not sure what I am supposed to return to with the only content I still considered fun getting "new and fun" experimental treatment together with subpar new fractals designwise.
  2. Thanks to the new instabilites I am having a blast playing FFXIV rather than trying to acquire a taste for a system I disliked from the start. Gonna return for the obligatory next change or when (if!) the next raid wing is released.
  3. Please direct me to the supported group content not ridden with fun random mechanics untested for general play.Thanks for killing Fractals, Anet.
  4. I like the CMs but absolutely loath instabilities and haven't played fractals since the patch with no desire to test them. If that's the direction Anet wants to take they can follow it but I will criticize them for it or ultimately just leave.
  5. Seconded, maybe for different reasons but I do not like any of them.
  6. Time to add "Golden Shield". Every time you get hit you lose 20 silver, no internal CD. L2P; it's gameplay; cry elsewhere. Would be incredible toxic but I guess people would still defend something like this.
  7. same here, just started the collection and now stuck at this part.
  8. You know what's ironic? Your attitude. Why? Because it is the number one reason why raids are not as popular as they could be and Teapot is absolutely right that people like you are killing off raids faster than any "Casul scum" ever could. I like raids but we have to face and accept reality. And that reality tells us that less than 10% of the players registered on GW2efficiency have even one Legendary Divination. Less than 10 pecent! And that is only from a website that is heavily skewed towards the more invested players in the first place and it is very likely that the number is even lower i
  9. I enjoy SAB a lot. I absolutely hate Slippery Slope (and instabilities as a whole). I played W2-3 tribulation mode enough to know how to work with "ice physics" yet I despise the mechanic in regular PvE. It is not fun for me so I will look elsewhere for fun. If it is another game then that it shall be.
  10. I have my doubts that players actually supporting this garbage play fractals frequently enough to have an educated opinion on how annoying this is but I get it, "get gud", eh?
  11. I choose not to adapt to it and dropping fractals entirely. I see Anet having a different opinion when it comes to the content than me and that is disappointing (for me). This leaves me with very little to do with dungeons dead but I was never a fan of instabilities in the past and the new ones do not give me any reason to play them. (Fractal God, close to 300 CM 100 and 400 CM 99 runs)
  12. Fractals are dead content for me now, shame. Well, good thing the game offers a diverse set of not-abandoned five player group conten- oh wait.
  13. https://old.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/a8v9a8/sc_qt_cm100_shattered_observatory_firebrand/ Tl;dr:Power FirebrandPower RenegadeWarrior/SpellbreakerSoulbeastDPS (In this case Weaver) Addition of Diviner gear will improve that comp a lot, if healing is a concern either FB or REN can opt for more healing eq but they already offer tons of support and high damage. If I want to be cynical I wonder how long it will take until Anet nerfs Surge of the Mists, seeing how it still hits multiple times and can be used on spot in conjunction with the Nova Launch. :shrug: All in all this comp seems to pe
  14. Unless they tell you - either directly or by pulling numbers from logs - you have no way to determine if a person uses Arc in the first place outside of elaborate guessing.
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