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  1. Most likely twitch streamers + pvp top 0.1% players. I have seem some specs and builds getting immediately nerfed a few days after teapot complained about it.
  2. Over the past years, I haven’t been able to see single positive feedback made to player suggestions posted in this forum. The vocal minority in this forum doesn’t want any changes to wvw, wants viable builds to be removed in pvp because they somehow found it overpowered, and refuses to get challenging pve maps. And for some reason, anet seems to be accepting their ideas into patch notes.What’s the result? No significant changes to wvw for almost 5 years, largest decline of players in pvp, and EoD maps are completely empty except meta hours. They complain one thing and when it gets
  3. You are right. Also power d/p backstab(or malicious backstab) combined with heartseeker does tons of damage in less than 1 sec, which I thought would be anet's focus for may 11th balance patch. EDIT: minor spelling error
  4. I don't think some people are thinking the way you wrote. Teapot even said he wants the skill to be deleted because the skill is overpowered and deletes players.
  5. I honestly think players will probably still complain on deadeye's binding shot after may 11th balance patch. The main issue with this skill is not with 3 sec knockdown in stealth because it has 3 sec delay (and ~3 sec of stealth if players want to use it in stealth). If the deadeye is in stealth for more than 3 seconds and you are just standing there doing nothing then you deserve to lose that match. The problem lies with the additional effects that comes with the knockdown: (2 sec immob, 2 position, 15 vul, 2 boon removal). As long as it is hit it gives the opponent in signific
  6. In wvw, when you fire death judgement at around 1000 range, it almost always misses even without blind. It's been almost a month since this bug was reported but still no change.
  7. Hmm... didn't know you guys would have this much discussion on my old post, but to keep things clear, Anet is less likely to nerf permastealth deadeye.Permastealth is still possible at a cost of damage. This means that you will be annoying but useless in any combats. (in 1vs1)If you build damage like one shot builds, then you won't have permastealth, so any mistake will likely lead to a loss.Also, deadeye is generally ineffective in any group contents because of low sustainability. Anything that a deadeye can do , other profession can do much better and easier.If anet is willing to nerf permas
  8. You're saying this with 4 other sources of stealth on your bar.......... This doesn't kill perm stealth. I don't think you get why perma stealth became problem in the first place. It was problematic because thieves can do high burst damage + escape utility skills + perma stealth. You will not be able to win fights by filling the entire skill set with stealth skills. (especially against classes that have reveal skill.)
  9. There are many posts about the permastealth, but I just want to let you know that the most popular way of getting permastealth is heavily nerfed in this upcoming patch.In case you didn't know the way to get easy permastealth : Pick "Hidden thief" in shadow art that gives 20% cd reduction on deception skills.Pick "smoke screen" which is a deception skill. (its cd went from 25 sec to 20 sec)Use heartseeker in the smoke screen until it goes awaythen the duration of stealth should be approximately equal to the remaining cd of smoke screen.And in this upcoming patch, the smoke screen cooldown incre
  10. Zerker gear with rune of earth.The below is the screenshot of the ranger a few moments later, but I am not entirely sure about the build.
  11. A few weeks ago, I have seen a golem up the roof and it seems like there is no way for a player to do that. Or is there a way to do it?
  12. So I have seen many negative comments about one shot thief builds (backstab or death judgement)Now what would you say?
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