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  1. Theres basically no counter play. Unkillable with oneshot damage.
  2. We tried this a couple of time and there was NO way we could do it. They guys die way too fast and everywhere. Is this intentional or a bug?
  3. Cmon... give us some damage options pls. I played some good old strength spellbreaker pvp games... jeez that stuff is weak.
  4. Its very underperforming and discouraging to play. Almost turning my back to the game until something happens to warrior.Its quite hard to win any 1v1 situation as spellbreaker atm.
  5. Mesmer is insanely op. Especially Mirage. Especially Condi. Its simply broken.
  6. Pls anet, pls. Change this. It is not possible for a casual to do this. And even if you find a team, most people leave after the first loss. This results in being locked into the tournament and not even being able to play some ranked games. You jsut have to wait 1-2 hours until you can play pvp again. This is so incredibly unenjoyable, pls change it.
  7. Warrior really feels lackluster. The dmg is underwhelming and you have to sacrifice even more dmg for condi cleanse nowadays.I think warrior needs a small buff at least.
  8. E.g. firebrand and mirage is unplayable against. It is wayyyy to overpowered.pls nerf their damage and tankiness.
  9. Played 3 tournaments now with plat players. Didnt win one game. Its just unplayablae and unfair.
  10. The pvp trinket is way too hard to get. So many Pve players no flock into pvp and they are basically uncarriable due to gw2s pvp system.Its a pain in the butt.This trinket ruined pvp for me.
  11. I think the 120 ranked wins are a bit too much. I think 60-80 wins would do the job. But the 20 tournament wins... i don't think i will ever be able to complete that.why not make it 50-100 stomps or something like that?
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