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  1. Please teach me how to do that cause all I do is solo queue. I can't find people to duo queue with. I need to find out how to "play the system" cause playing this gamemode at all has become a nightmare. I don't even know why I still cares 😞
  2. I like the build and i'm pretty good at it. I was playing ele cause it's my main since 2012, but I also love mes ❤️ I noticed that every since past s3+ things were getting really bad in terms of matchmaking. sPvP needs tons of love though. Anet completely forgotten it exists. Since I'm not north american I might not be able to play during prime time. Either way the quality of matches has decreased dramatically since 2015 balance update. People just left the mode, nobody cares anymore. I play ranked to win, just fun for me. As you can see, I had plenty of fun last night. Every time I'm about to get to mid of plat2, I get down to g3/g2, then up again to plat1, then down. It's really amazing. Must be my fault though. Do you realize it's a 5v5? Do you realize that a single player can't carry 4 other players against a team of 5? I wonder I should have done when I get 3v1 far, mid is open, but my team insists in coming far to die with me. And if I leave far, I'm wrong cause I should die with them instead of chasing a clear point and drive their focus off other points. But no, you're right, I'm trash. I'm Baron of the Arena, playing solo ranked ever since 2013 and just got put in my place. Please tell me how to carry a game, and don't come up with wintrading cause' I spend my gold buying cool wep skins.
  3. Before I forget, I'd like to thank ArenaNet for providing me with some real good times in pvp (check the screenshot). I went from plat2 to g2 in a single night. Boy that was so fun! Thanks ArenaNet for making solo ranked an experience to behold! I had so much fun losing nonstop, getting thrown away from plat by a beautiful losing streak. Clearly this is the kind of experience ArenaNet craves and loves. So thank you, I'm grateful for that. I honestly can't believe some players have to wintrade to get to the top! The screenshot: https://imgur.com/gallery/2g4TTtq
  4. I'd say it was 2015 Balance Patch and the huge influx of pve rewards that started this misery train.
  5. The problems with catalyst, imo, are the amount of non-telegraphed DPS skills, stability application, extra boons F5 and Fortified Earth. There are two things that will throw even a good cata out of balance: Blindness, interrupts and stealths. Currently catas do have their counterplays, but I think you're right, they are very oppressive to play against. I do believe the upcoming balance patch (02/14) should fix this. One thing to note is that you need to CC their healing if you're playing condi and dodge their F2 and don't trigger Full Counter. The rest of their kit is useless without those abilities.
  6. 1. Dodge, kite, read the player. 2. Run either dedicated power/condi build. Dodge dagger/GS F1. They're extremely predictable. 3. Yes for some specs, no to others. 4. Can work, but it needs proper skill, something that most players don't have. 5. Maybe. 6. Untamed deserves this. Too cheap. 7. Yes. 8. Yes, unfortunately. 9. Yes, unfortunately.
  7. In your opinion, why isn't PvP as played as PvE? Why do you think ArenaNet has abandoned this gamemode, alongside WvW? * 2015 Balance Patch changed a lot of things for a lot of professions: many builds simply disappeared. * Conquest's been the only "competitive" game mode ever since the beginning of the game. ArenaNet claims it is their bread and butter, however conquest promotes specific meta builds, making it rather stagnant and tiresome to play. * The overflow of PvE rewards in sPvP - a hot topic. Back when I start to play Gw2 there were no gear rewards in sPvP. There were only armor/wep skins that could be acquired spending Honor points.
  8. After today's announcement I thought I was gonna read something about sPvP but actually got nothing. There are very few people who plays sPvP, there's only conquest to play competitively. Ever since 2015 the PvP population in this game has dropped drastically to the point that "Hotjoin" no longer exists. Nobody cares about pvp in this game because ArenaNet doesn't care either. What happened, ArenaNet? What made you stop developing sPvP and competitive pvp in general? There are still some players who actually care about PvP in this game, but all we have is conquest and the same meta mentality over and over. It's really tiresome.
  9. It's a shame Anet has forgotten sPvP exists due to its low population - I miss the time when hotjoin was still a thing. Lots of servers full, people who loved pvp above all else enjoying it and everything it had to offer. It's a bit of nostalgia I know, but the quality hasn't gone up since then.
  10. More nostalgia. I'd rather we go to a new place we've not seen before, like the Isles of Janthir. Or open up Woodland Cascades for exploration. Going back to old familiar places gets dull after sometime.
  11. All those changes to Catalyst but none of them fix its lack of originality in mechanics. Sigh.
  12. Catalyst is weak, the design is mediocre, what it currently does other classes do better (again) and it's just more of the same. Tempest is a better auramancer with cooler mechanics. The catalyst 2% to all stats buff is lame and it shouldnt even exist, it reminds us how ele is tied to celestial gear and still underperform, which by means, is pathetic. I play elementalist since 2012 and it looks like you guys wont ever get it right. I'm tired of this, so I switched to mesmer main now cause there the grass is greener. Thanks to everyone who designed the catalyst, its bad and unoriginal.
  13. Seriously, solo queueing in this game is a nightmare. When I get to plat 2 the lose streaks comes to knock me down to gold 1/2. Fix this MMR ArenaNet, its unbelievable that you made a system that solely rewards those that exploit it to get to the highest ranks or rewards players with gold and other stuff even if they play horrendously.
  14. Hello everyone, It's been a while since EoD launched and ArenaNet hasn't announced anything decent regarding the state of sPvP - now that they published their plans for this year and it still doesn't contemplate sPvP I wish to ask if they really have any plans for the future of sPvP at all. I am an old player, I started playing back in 2012 some months after the game launched. Conquest has been ever present in sPvP, their so called "bread and butter" competitive mode. But after almost 10 years, it gets tiresome to play the very same old pvp mode. ArenaNet, in all honesty I do believe you understand how monotonous it is to have only one available mode at the competitive scenario. After ten years I think it's time you put some serious resources to make other 5 players pvp modes that are competitive, engaging and encourages players to use other kinds of builds. Conquest is already an old formula. You can put it aside, forget it for sometime and invest your power for the betterment of your pvp community, which by all accounts, is already too small compared to the rest of the game. I chose to believe that you will remain true to your core philosophies and will keep balacing your professions accordingly, and as you do so, please innovate the pvp scenario. It's been ten years of Conquest! Why didn't you keep upgrading Stronghold so it could reach the same level of competitiveness? Please ArenaNet, consider it at least. When Grouch returned to you in 2021 it gave me some hope that sPvP would finally receive the love it deserves. I'm waiting.
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