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  1. Greenscreen guide (moving & still image)
  2. Griffon can stay still in the air, and about moving from point A to B Griffon is better at keeping height. Staying in same spot https://clips.twitch.tv/ToughVenomousSnakeRedCoat-uIMzpk1Ie9bqtBdc in the same day this clip was made she showed about keeping height during flight in Rata Sum. Another Griffon hover https://clips.twitch.tv/HomelySpotlessRhinocerosCoolStoryBro-spzkFEPwNrmw4f8w
  3. ''Getting gold: this is a hard gold. Take some time to practice in the field and get used to the skills and Action Camera and gliding before starting the adventure.– Okay, first things first: the Chak Egg. Shooting one of these will make it explode and summon more chak to the field. However, if you are standing close to it when you shoot it you will gain health, reduce the overheating of your rifle, and refill your endurance bar. The 1 skill has a huge range and cone, but is also very touchy and prone to shooting multiple times even with the slightest left-click hold, so if you are going to ta
  4. HoT is 1st by the number of excess mastery points with 54 excess mastery points. Core Tyria is second by the number of excess mastery points, 34.
  5. @aspirine.6852 Both chalice of tears (Ember bay) and Mad King's Clocktower and SAB was made by same person Joshua Foreman. And Abaddon's Ascent jp is not hard, its not even in the list of top 16 hardest jps. He probably made 90% of the jumping puzzles in the game. SAB promo Chalice talk https://youtu.be/4ADasl5sa94
  6. They arent , dont say about something you dont fully understand. Only josh video was sponsored, sure all is arenanet partners but that wont make the video sponsored
  7. Biggest misconceptions 5:30 here about gw2 Why play gw2 in 2021, explaining the appeal and comparing to other games
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/9gtxhi/a_while_ago_i_asked_if_it_was_possible_to_have/
  9. Thats now what OP meant, dont run way from that. Edit- Marionette does also have unique loot. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Marionette_Chest The chest can be looted multiple times per day. once per character. People just don't know or care. You get more gold from Marionette than Tequatl because of the Sprockets and it has a chance for Ascended weapon AND armor. Doing Tequatl and then not doing Marionette because of the "bad loot" seems absurd.
  10. High chance of failure is also what makes it more intresting , not a 1 shoot like fire elemental is, so it doesnt need to be something negative it also can be a positive for some ppl. And rewards why then are they doing gerent if not for account bind mats/currency or exp? Gerent gives 2g 39s for a 24min effort, so thats an relative gold per hour of 5g 99s. While marionette gives 3g 75s for 11min effort, so thats relative gold per hour of 20g 15s. Drakkar gives 2g 57s for 15min, thats relative gold per hour of 10g 28s
  11. You dont know how it works. Also your solution that less players should play pvp just makes it worse
  12. That is cus the pvp player base is too small, no matchmaking works good with low player base. Thats not the matchmaking systems fault
  13. Some interesting data from 2019: ''Highest Finish: 18021.1% of the players who placed below gold (0-1199) finished the season in plat or higher. Highest Finish: 1680Lowest placement to hit plat: 686''
  14. That isnt AFK farm that is idle farm. AFK farming is not allowed, that is, you must be at your keyboard. Inattentive/idle farming is allowed, for example, you can watch a movie while moving your character occasionally.
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