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  1. How do I know he didn't digest the golem? Because its power source was still working and still powering the tracker. If he had digested the golem (or tracker) then the tracker would obviously have stopped working. That's not to say that the golem was undamaged or anything but it would have been a nice touch if we at least recovered it after killing Kralk. I'd imagine Gorrik and Taimi would have wanted to do that.
  2. I like the idea of moving it to the F3 as an option rather than replacing your base dodge. The Grandmaster traits could still work in a similar way to the way they do now, with the top Grandmaster consuming both dodges and the others consuming only 1 or 1 and a half dodges.
  3. Yeah but the tracker's own power source failed and it only worked because Blish powered it using his own golem body. So Kralk may have eaten and digested the hugely magical sword but although also he swallowed the golem holding it he evidentially did not digest that. Therefore it would have been possible to track down Blish's body after Episode 6. It's where the tracker is.
  4. The GS feels nice. The dodge feels terrible. Turning your two dodges into a single OK-ish attack or decent heal is a terrible idea. The dodge takes something between 2-4 seconds depending on which grandmaster trait you take and that dodge is effectively the "cast" time of the damage or heal which hampers its usefulness. I do not think that the benefits you get for dodging merit being reduced to a single dodge. (Yeah, I know about the 15% damage boost option, but I feel like you can get that kind of damage boost from herald or renegade without this kind of trade-off). Th
  5. It runs from the 5th of October to the 9th November this year. https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/news/guild-wars-2-live-fall-and-winter-2021/
  6. Yep, as Shiro is a Revenant Legend we can pretty much guarantee that his "current location" is "in the Mists". Mystery solved.
  7. Yeah, it would be great if selecting add the skin to your wardrobe unlocked the skin, added a transmutation charge and then consumed the skin item.
  8. I'm wondering if they will add plush Mordremoth, plush Zhaitan, plush Jormag and then add a collection that awards something that is visible? These plush accessories seem so pointless!
  9. Yes, Path of Fire added 5 or 6 new armour sets (that's 5-6 light, 5-6 medium and 5-6 heavy armour sets) that were crafted or earned by playing Path of Fire content. A bunch of weapon sets too. EoD will bring unique armours and weapon sets too.
  10. Yep, just did my 5 bounties for the new achievement no problem but still 1/5 for the Daybreak bounty achievement.
  11. I doubt that any open world map instances can even hold 200 players and the people interested in fishing will likely be spread out quite a bit over the megaserver instances of the existing maps so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Unless they add fishing contests like POF races in which case there'll be some congestion at the start.
  12. My guess is they'll be something like the HoT masteries. Jade magic allowing you to use devices on the maps pass through walls or teleport around the maps through portals. Some kind of Cantha culture track allowing access to vendors and their recipes.
  13. But that's untrue. Dynamic events can't be literally the entire design of the game when the game also contains hearts, can it?
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