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  1. Oh I agree ... I wasn't making a counter-argument for anything. I just really have little vested in legendary items in this game, especially weapons when they look like crap.
  2. Maybe put in a 'emote' selector on a build? Then you can choose unlocked emotes that will work automatically
  3. True ... but that's not really what the OP is asking for.
  4. If I was a GM that had to deal with that, I would have done the same ... just because it's an obvious lack of judgement by the player. You're playing with fire when you do these things.
  5. Because Anet can't pay the bills with player's invested time.
  6. Yes, thanks for that ... I won't ever complain when posters provide evidence that their own interpretations are wrong. Existence of bannerslave is just one example of many that people can decide to be of whatever purpose they choose and create builds around them ... just like I said is intended to happen and as it's always been ingame. 😉 SO EoD should have a raid? nope and instance content should make roles specifically for especs? They already do ... you just make and play them.
  7. That doesn't make sense. Bannerslave is proof that people can't determine what role they fill in a team and choose an appropriate build to an espec to do that? You're going to have explain that with more that just blah blah. Actually, Your 'proof' supports what I'm telling you. Bannerslave is just an example of people deciding to make a build to provide offensive support. That's possible for all of especs to be chosen to have purpose in a team ... including the ones you mentioned. How am I wrong? How does your own provided proof not demonstrate the truth in what I'm say
  8. No, that's just proof you are misinterpreting how the game has and was always intended to work. Especs DO have 'a role they fulfill' in every mode because nothing stops you from playing whatever you want in this game and fulfilling the role you made that build for. The game doesn't tell you your role by it's design of an encounter ... YOU do by how you create the builds you play. Existence of bannerslaves is nothing more than proof that the game has meta; optimal builds that people play to obtain highest performance. That's always existed. That doesn't mean failure at all. That's
  9. Ah you beat me to it ... I think it might. Making lures is as delicate as crafting jewels ... just less expensive materials.
  10. So does lots of other things, so that's not really compelling reason for it. Again, everything wants to think housing is the great idea ... but what would it look like in GW2?
  11. I think the dream of housing died when we got Guild Halls. Not that I think it's a good idea to have personal housing anyways ... but that pretty much confirmed it to me. Where do your decorations go? The Guild Hall. Where do your guild bonuses get applied? The guild Hall. I mean, what would even go in a house in this game? Just trophies and the like? Stuff like crafting terminals and bank that we already have everywhere? What a waste of time. Anet would to have to come up with something REALLY clever to make personal housing a thing in this game and not make it like every other s
  12. No, because thief is thief, what happens on non-thief classes is irrelevant to the discussion. I know this might go right over your heads but ... ever think that maybe thieves aren't revealed when they miss BECAUSE they are on an initiative system? I mean, my point here is that you are arguing what happens with a skill on thief should be similar to other classes because of similar skills ... but that isn't a foregone conclusion. Perhaps what should happen on a class with a skill should depend on the class, not on it's similarity to other classes? That makes more sense to me, consi
  13. Sure ... because you don't have the initiative mechanic. In otherwords, because thief is 'thief' class and isn't 'not-a-thief' class, that's perfectly reasonable that they can just stay stealthed until they aren't for whatever reason.
  14. OP isn't entirely off on his assessment. The IBS 5 DRM's feel very repetitive because they all look like they were created from a template and too similar. Assets are re-used and it all feels very familiar ... and some unnecessarily long like Fireheart Rise. IBS 5 just feels like a 'How do we do this on the cheap?' I mean, DRM's would be OK as content ... just not like ... 12 in a row?
  15. You don't have to hope you are wrong ... because you are. If you were paying attention to the reveal, you would see the features they talked about map pretty much 1 to 1 with features from the other expansions. Just because things aren't 'new' enough or 'liked' for people doesn't mean they don't count towards the content of the expansion.
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