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  1. I think it could be ... because pistol has additional LF regain, stun and other non-damaging Conditions on it . I mean, yeah it's pretty similar to Scepter, no doubt there. I guess somoene optimization a rotation may see a difference. The average dude ... probably just facerolling.
  2. Don't see a problem with this ... as long as it's monetized. In otherwords, how much is a feature like this worth to you, in terms of gems?
  3. Yeah I know what you mean ... that doesn't change what I said ... you want to justify making FH baseline for all builds, even though you are only talking about builds for competitive modes. That doesn't make any sense. If you want to improve performance in competitive modes, then limit the changes to competitive modes. It's absurd to hand out a whole bunch of global buffs to a class to address a not-general class problem. No I actually haven't ... if the choice to take FH has debased the value of other choices ... then that is an argument to NERF FH, not hand it out like free candy. Y
  4. If that had anything to do with this conversation, you might have a point. I'm not saying Anet shouldn't make things baseline. Making something baseline is a specific consideration based on the class ... just because Anet made IP baseline doesn't mean FH should be for warriors. That's illogical. PS ... my favourite part of your example is that making IP baseline for Mesmers was related to a SPECIFICALLY mesmer class mechanic. Making Fh baseline for Warriors is NOT related to a specifically Warrior class mechanic. I mentioned this before. Baseline considerations aren't about just dolling
  5. You're right .. I absolutely did ON PURPOSE even, because it's absurd to make something baseline for all warrior builds because "benefits to competitive builds". Why is it critical that FH be made baseline if ONLY competitive builds NEED it to be competitive? That doesn't make sense. Making something baseline is NOT ONLY about some subset of builds that you want to focus on to justify your argument. Baseline is about ALL builds, even the terribad ones. Again, making FH baseline is NOT about making something available that isn't ... because we already have access to FH as a choice for wha
  6. Actually it should be a matter of choice then. I mean, basically you are saying you should have not have to make choices to increase your potential. Like ... do you honestly think that Anet would agree with that given how they have created the trait system? Probably not. You absolutely should need to make those choices because there are relevant tradeoffs to have more access to 'potential' and as a player, that makes choices meaningful. Well technically, you can do 'stuff' without Discipline so ... ? Again, if Discipline/FH is SO clutch as a goto choice ... it's not off the table
  7. No you didn't cover my point because you don't know how much time alternative solutions would take. You don't even know if the problem it solves is one that Anet agrees that needs solving. You're just assuming it's less to dismiss the question which BTW, is REALLY relevant here. I have NO DOUBT that Anet wants players to make meaningful choices when interacting with the trait system so removing meaningful choices as traits is not some trivial issue that we can just hand-wave away because people want special considerations on certain classes. There IS integrity in this trait system. Again
  8. You're not understanding my question. I'm not asking why FH is important ... I'm asking why it should be baseline instead of a choice you can make. Even if what you say is true, you can choose FH AND making FH baseline isn't the only solution to the problem of remaining in a fight due to the reasons you gave. It's been discussed before ... if FH is THIS meaningful that it's a goto trait, it's not out of the question ... it's TOO good and should get a nerf. The fact is that Warrior isn't as unique in those aspects of gameplay as you say ... yet for some reason 5 second weapon swap should
  9. That's a reasonable question. A contention (not sure it's the main one) is that Fast Hands is a meaningful choice as a trait and should remain so because ... that's the point of traits. If Warrior is so broken without choosing it (that's debatable BTW), then the answer is to determine alternative ways to fix that without downgrading trait choices. So the question back at everyone here is ... what makes Warrior so broken if they don't have FH? How does FH being baseline resolve with the idea that the trait system is founded on the idea of giving players meaningful choice and variation?
  10. No, the issue is that people are ONLY using their brains and since this is a complex problem because of it's interactions, it's not likely they get the right answer. That needs to be supplemented or even surpassed by gameplay.
  11. That's ancedotal to me. if 10000 people complain about things, someone is bound to be 'spot on'. Even Anet doesn't know how the specs will perform. That's why they make changes after they release them ... sometimes YEARS after. Even Anet's tea leaves don't work to good. The fact is that nothing beats playing the game to understand it ... unless of course there is an agenda to push. A little like this thread ... pushing an agenda to get Anet to pay more attention to specs the OP thinks Anet 'ignored' for competitive game modes.
  12. Unfortunately for MOST players, they don't have that experience, because it's not just about what ONE class gets or doesn't get, it's about how it interacts with everything in the game. EVERYTHING ... including the other unrealeased Especs. But sure, tell me how those tea leaves look.
  13. I love how people are ACTUALLY advocating we don't need to play the game to give proper feedback on how it works. BRAVO. Predicting things without playing them aren't 'feats' ... it's called guessing.
  14. What I think is that if you want to know how something works to properly assess it, you have to play it, in the context it was meant to be played. That's what I think. There isn't a place for reading tea leaves here.
  15. See, that's a great example of what I'm saying. What is relevant isn't what you read. What is relevant is how it works ingame.
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