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  1. Having just moved my account from EU to NA, I’d be very surprised if this was true.
  2. I thought this was the error trying to log into the EU servers that are currently down, but I am also getting this on my NA account.
  3. Don't like zergs? Play on your server's off time. Or join a server who's off time is the same time you play. I'm in the US but play on an EU server. I play WvW at the server's early morning and there's usually just a few of us on and it's a lot of fun. Can group up or just roam.
  4. Male/female of each race excpet for male Norn, and of all professions. I don't like the body type selection-too much neck. I mostly get an idea for a new character look and get designing. The 20+ characters are spread over two accounts.
  5. Seattle, WAGunner's HoldSeveral open world locations.Haven't done any PvP or WvW today.
  6. There is a moon. I'd love it if there were tides.
  7. When the unbreakable harvesting tools went account bound, wasn't there a trade in period for multible copies of them too? A buy back from a vendor?
  8. Whenever I send gold or other vaulable stuff bewteen my own accounts, I include a message to myself about what I'm doing. Never had any problems.
  9. Gift of Claws, for example, can also be used in Gift of Condensed Might, which is used in Mystic Tribute, which is then used in several legendary weapons, so no, not PvP armor exclusively. More than likely the same for the rest of the Gifts you have listed.
  10. Two crashes, one while checking wiki with the game in the background, second when trying to load the game after the first crash. NA playing on EU server.
  11. I play Ranger. I mostly play off peak EU. I flip camps, do some scouting, flip flags, flip the creature camps on EB. I'm crap at 1v1+. I join in calls for help. (Playing in small groups, 'cause off peak, is a lot more fun than running in a blob.) Doing stuff like that helps out, and I learned a lot about how to take various towers and keeps, even if I don't do it.
  12. I'm a pack rat. I know this about myself. I love hording things. The bank expansions increase my joy, so I have them maxed out. It was worth it to me and my enjoyment of the game.
  13. I'm pretty sure I registered as soon as the new forums opened. I've only two stars, but can use a signature, at least one that I can see. I have three badges, 1 helpful, 14 thumbs up, 19 comments, no started discussion. FWIW.
  14. Start a new character so you are both the same level? If you are using two accounts.
  15. My last ticket took about 10 days. That was just before the "recent events". You can ask for an update in your current ticket, just don't create a new one.
  16. Same. Talking to Ninn with the Phasic Distortion Reader in my inventory, on the character that built it originally, and did the current side stories. Ninn gives the collection dialog to make the Reader, but not the conversation to continue with the current event. Clearing the cache didn't help.
  17. I just had the same thing happen-requested a refund for an accidental purchase. In the past, a similar request had taken only a couple days. This last request, opened the first week of April, took about 10 days. I got the initial auto response, then updated the original ticket with request for update at about 4 days, and again at 8 days. It did finally get resolved, just took some time. And no, there is no way to "fast-track" a support ticket.
  18. 2-One NA, one EU. Secondary account is great for time gated crafting, can get twice as much done.
  19. If you don't have any achievement points, you bought the whole game new and did not update your old account.
  20. 51 year old woman, here. I have male and female characters, and did have both in GW1 also. The characters I main in both are female rangers, but I have male and female alts in all the races, except for male Norn. I just don't care for how muscle bound they are. My female light characters tend to run around in skimpy outfits. My first warrior was a female Asura, at the shortest height setting. There are several men in my guild who only play female characters. I have no opinion on their reasoning. It's just what they do. I have never been harassed as a character or as a female player. I'ts a
  21. On occasion, my password disappears. After exiting and restarting the game, it's back. Box is always checked.
  22. I've had problems with the race through Divinity's Reach. Starting about half way through the race, the environment doesn't load fast enough so it looks like I'm racing through midair.
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