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  1. Guard and ele signet and glyph are on a 90 seconds cooldown. Necro's signet is on 75 seconds, but with HP loss trade-off. Putting these skills on 300 seconds cooldown will render them useless and no one will pick them in pvp. There is abundance of CC and if you can't interrupt a 1.5- 2 seconds cast skill, the problem is not the skill, but probably you. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law
  2. Give them a 300 second cool down like those passive traits. Lol.
  3. It has a role now after having been reworked. It's role is to be so unfun, that no one plays it ever again.
  4. ... 9 weeks ago? They had an update halfway through the first 2v2 season, it nerfed Firebrands, Core Necros and Revenants a tad. If anything deserves to be called out, it's over in WvW with their restructuring. It's been well over 2 years.
  5. I love how everyone refers to this issue as nerfing holo's mortar. As if it doesn't belong to scrapper or core engi too. I think it's obvious what needs the actual nerfing.
  6. True, this is a currency even worse than obsidian shards. I'd agree it's probably the most worthless in the game.
  7. There are plenty of uses for them though. I now find it hilarious that people were complaining about their accumulation being too difficult at the last release. You can convert them straight to S4 currencies, then eat them for magic, and then buy trophy shipments for lots of gold. You can also get ascended amulets and accessories. Obsidian shards are far more worthless - only having value if you want to craft legendaries.
  8. The servers have been absolutely bonkers for some during the last couple weeks. Enemies registering in wrong areas and my skills getting thrown on cool down despite them appearing directly in front of my character. I couldn't get hardly a single skill to register for my last 8 or so matches. Other people were complaining of the same issues so I gave up entirely for this season.
  9. It's been nearly two months and I still haven't received the title for participating... I sent a bug report in-game too just after the tourney. I played on Feburary 14th, Valentine's Day with my good friend Rislyn.2065 for hours and hours... I distinctly remember the downtime crash as well. Wanted to try posting here to see if I could get any luck, and to see if others had the same issue and still hadn't received theirs.
  10. Yeah, but those were specific casts with one time hits. I do remember some skills that drained health at a set tempo, which even then was better to acknowledge and counterplay with a set number (-5 or -9, for example), than the sudden tick of tens of stacks of torment. I enjoyed GW1 Mesmer skills because they had a variety of implements - knockdowns and interrupts for when a type of skill was cast, health drains, energy drains (for casting skills, not GW2's energy system ofc). That is far more rewarding than just condi bursting.
  11. Sorry, I used exponential as a figure of speech. I should have prephrased it with a "like" so it was more obvious. points to nose At least with confusion you can still move and dodge without the immob implication caused by torment.
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