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  1. I’ve got 99 problems and over stacking populations to the point where everyone just wanders aimlessly trying to stalk the warg are just one. that doesn’t remotely rhyme i have only begun to commit a crime stealing yo supply
  2. This can’t be true. If that was a viable source of income Anet would have definitely nerfed it three years ago when they broke our dreams.
  3. We are the filthy casuals that knocked you down when we heard there is fancy cake on the counter. Plus we stole yo life alert batteries so who you gonna call now
  4. Clearly this is an anomaly that should be stopped immediately. No other servers would ever have forced outside of standard playtime to boost their overall score! Absolutely ridiculous. We all know there is noooo difference in populations and fight guilds would never have alts on other servers or coordinate to artificially manipulate rankings. Definitely hoping we can get to the bottom of this soon! I’d suggest some sort of competitive mode where we could easily determine what is going on here by looking at numerical data. Then we can get to the bottom of this very important issue.
  5. Stares at the enemy players in binary. 1111 is the key to winning any engagement. Also don’t forget to W.
  6. Hello my friends. This is the start of a journal series detailing the experiences of WvW as a brand new player. Engage humor. Set it to be stunning. Here we go on a wild ride of mistakes, horrific expectations and misgivings. Also trust your gut. Those lag spikes are meaningful... Day 1 Having finally reached the pinnacle of leveling and hitting the massive achievement of level 80, our hero searches out portals into The Mists to see what all the fuss is about. After listening to some chatter in the public square of Lion’s Arch, Dr Fibbin Notchee has determined that ther
  7. Our life force is replenished by the souls of those who went for more supply and never were heard from again. To this day you can still hear their cries: “it’s time to go to Denny’s”
  8. I had to peruse this thread to see if it turned out as expected. :) I’m impressed that certain guilds weren’t mentioned on page 1. Lol. To the OP: There isn’t a darn thing you can do. The comments about map chat and team chat are good ones. And I’ll tell you why. If folks are camping there say something. Because a lot of the veteran players have multiple accounts. Now why would that matter? Simple. Not only are there three exits but there are also other servers around. If things get too predictable we can grab a squad from a completely different direction to come disrupt things. I
  9. One time Mr Peanut came crashing into my bathroom. I stomped him out so quickly he couldn't even say "I came in looking for my chocolate". He did however make a tasty dessert item for the team.
  10. Over a prolonged period of time our intrepid band of heroes set out on a journey. It was not a trek to find wings that worked. Nah. For they could slide with the sudden cold divine furry of the north. What? Did I say something amiss?
  11. I really didn’t like that map until I started hanging with friends that roamed there. There are so many weird little spots on that map it’s honestly pretty nice for something different. Folks are right though if you have that as your home map it’s a PPT sponge. Course I’m still to this day wishing we just had an open world pvp type spot not tied to a matchup. Is it too big for our current populations? Probably
  12. They’ve done that same thing before on the EU side too. Attempting to push folks onto various servers. The servers I’ve been on usually have one maybe two maps that are populated and the other two are dead. That’s during prime time.
  13. One time sheared a sheep and it looked kinda like a skritt underneath. Or was that a skirt. A skritt wearing a skirt? They should play on FA
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