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  1. The biggest lie you can tell yourself is questioning your life choices about being in here. So get in here.
  2. Our doors are open. Now serving member number 42.
  3. Completely agree with this. This fits the discussions I’ve been part of within my guild and with friends. We debated shorter and that doesn’t make sense. I strongly dislike 8 weeks.
  4. Lounging languidly listening longingly listing lopsidedly for you to join us
  5. It’s the weekend which means it is time for avocado toast, some love and some friendly banter. Won’t you join us? Now featuring individual carved potatoes!
  6. You will be horrified to know that despite the murder hornets, tidal waves, strange people with cones on their heads and assorted legos on the ground…we havre not perished. FIB has the esteemed pleasure to welcome you into the robust bosom of our robots. Yes folks, I need you. For alliances. For knowledge. For unlimited cosmic power. Please come in and sashay awhile. You won’t be disappointed.
  7. I spy with my naked eye two and twenty asura baked in a pie. Charr charr miracle furr how well does your chainsaw purr. To hear poems like these every night please subscribe to our newsletter listed in the discord above!
  8. Quaggans are food not people. Hmmm that doesn’t sound quite right. I forgot a vowel or something
  9. Oh goodness. You are totally right of course. Clearly double blood scourge with sanc runes has no appreciable benefit from minions at all in certain forms of content! I'll see myself out and go re-think my entire life purpose.
  10. I still think they'd have to really redo the entire way that scourge operates in order to really balance it out. While I'm not a fan of just collapsing the Blood line there is a lot of truth to the fact that right now there scourge is way too easy to play. My one buddy this week was playing the scourge minion build in ranked one handed while eating. And winning. That is just plain goofy. Long time ago I had proposed an idea to have barrier cost health. Or have it be channeled. Sooo many arguments fly out the window when you stack multiple scourges up too.
  11. Okay this makes sense except if people are autorunning in the corners of the map where no one goes how do we know for sure they are there. Schrodinger's Zerg.
  12. Cay I'm curious how many of your 119 posts talk about this topic. That is the most important question. Keep the fight going.
  13. The best way to celebrate a fruitful endeavor against red name plates is to set up a donut shop at the top of garrison. Then just sit there. Don't cap it. Share in the glory of combat with a tasty after dinner snack! Or as we like to say, step into my Slim Jimmy Jams.
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