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  1. FiB is wanting to recruit an additional three souls to add in to our more serious comp groups! Looking for either veteran PVP/WvW folks or people who are very open to learning and running specific builds. Thank you!
  2. What sort of content do you want in the game? My guild is on TC and is a WvW guild. Laid back. We enjoy our fun and don't take things too seriously. I'd be certainly open to chatting! Or helping you find another guild for ya since I know many of them on TC.
  3. Harry the Commandeer checking in. Listen, I know its a hard time of year for fighters like myself. We all want a break. But sometimes, sometimes you just need a good solid skull mug in your hand made from the guilded lilies of your enemies. That's right folks. For a limited time we are offering tokens, trophies and yak saddles made from the finest slow moving foes. Just last night I got some finely minted JADE rings, a KOIN or two that I found laying on the ground plus some WAR-errrrrors. While they appeared to vanish into dust upon contact, I can assure you we've preserved the remains fair
  4. I've noticed this too. My 'evidence' isn't awesome in this case. I think most of us just got used to that over the years. On my necro if things get crazy and I know I'm not getting away I'll turn around and hit the enemy group with all of my AOE to slow them down. Get them in combat too. lol.
  5. This isn't widely known but the first three catapults you build each day are named: Treb Frank Dori I have no idea why Arenanet named a cata after a treb. But this is absolutely true and not a FIB.
  6. I ran into myself at north camp the other day. Dude totally looked better. Had infusions rolling. Was playing with his Quip. All in plain pies on the scouts. So I did what anyone would have done and stabbed him repeatedly the buried the body under the leather node. For more stories like this one please see our discord for further instructions.
  7. The blog post that Grouch posted talked about there being a 50% difference in activity levels across servers right now. Their preliminary numbers showed that gap narrowed considering to single digits in matchups. Plus a "world" in the new system would be comprised of multiple alliances, guilds and individual players. Giving Anet the ability to balance out the worlds. However, that is a big bet. We don't have all the final specifics since that is what the beta weeks will do is give Anet more data to make the system. There has also been talk about changing things over time. I'm positive about it
  8. Minstrel necromancer is my new meta. The only thing better is thief.
  9. Nothing fills me with happiness more than finding that particular player and eradicating them. He usually moves to just sitting in spawn where no one can touch him after that point.
  10. Turn off invulnerability for WvW. No place is safe. Also give us a friendly fire option. On another note I wonder how often the tactivators get used in the way they were intended? Hmmm.
  11. A lot of this depends on time zone. Or which map you are on in general. I won't say its totally dead but you do have to know where to go. Which tier you are in. All that factors in. Plus the OP is on the EU side and I'm not sure about that side of the game currently. If you want more duels those folks still tend to hang out in the southern portion of the alpine borderlands. Flipping camps can get you smaller fights. Cutting across the middle of the map, being annoying in the ruins. Kinda what folks in this thread were saying. You can attempt to get some roamers to come out to you. Depending on
  12. Been there before. Deal is that its 3 servers against each other which means that by nature of the setup this is going to happen. Usually its specific to a time zone. Considering that the T1 matchup is pretty darn close it sure as heck isn't a 2v1 across all of the time zones. Honestly some servers are really good at watching the maps and will absolutely capitalize on when you are being hit. It is extremely difficult to plan anything like this anymore that would be a coordinated week long event. 9 times out of 10 groups will do their own things anyway. lol.
  13. This week we being our pilgrimage to the sacred and most holy of places: Middle Fort. There we shall be escorted around the premises by people who tried out that game from a really big studio, then realized that fishing is coming here also. Because we absolutely catch people up in our webs of chaos. Allow me to show you what randomness brings! Also: Monkeys
  14. Folks! We are looking for semi competent souls to fill our coffers I mean join us for feasting and merriment in the guild hall! I'll promise to even remember your name after a short period of time. Give me a year or two. They all blend together after awhile. Those first few years are so pointless, mostly making stew together and discussing the rising prices of snow crabs. And I hate snow crabs.
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