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  1. PVE: +12% Crit Chance, +16% Crit Damage PVP: +7% Crit Chance, +10% Crit Damage That sounds pretty reasonable, especially when stacking on various other traits with these. Just depends on how easy it is to maintain Quickness
  2. I could see this. Other professions are largely dominated by interconnecting traits and skills (Personal Rant: or, like Firebrand, prior to the recent tweaks just do it all and better than any other profession in the game). Warriors are largely beholden to stats, with ANet trying to push Warriors into Toughness & Vitality for Power via traits (effectively the "tank" build). The biggest issue with that is Toughness & Vitality (while nice on paper) don't provide enough oomph outside of boosting DPS via traits, so you're 99.9% of the time better off going full glass cannon becau
  3. Life has been crazy (just been doing my login/logout each day) so I'm a little out of the loop, but have there been any inklings as to what might be in the balance patch for warriors beyond "Banners + Quickness"?
  4. This should be baseline. This should be via Burst Mastery (Tactics Grandmaster Trait) This way, whiffing on your burst skill won't be a hit to both dps and survivability, just dps and your survivability traits are tied to your ability to generate Adrenaline/Flow. Having the trait to provide the benefits to allies in area would be great when building a support focused Warrior. It would need some traits reworked to provide a lesser effect for allies (as having perma-regen from everyone, perma-healing field from multiple professions, crazy healing from Specter/Firebrad/Sc
  5. I still feel they should split flow & charges and work on those mechanics separately. Flow = Adrenaline. At Max Flow begin generating Charges that stay until used (loading up the charges) F1 = Burst skill that's determined by Grandmaster Trait. Uses all remaining charges to cause 1 explosion for each charge. Unyielding Dragon = Dragon Slash Force Daring Dragon = Dragon Slash Boost (operates like Heartseeker/I.E. stops at target) Immortal Dragon = Dragon Slash Reach F2 = Gunsaber When in Gunsaber mode, Flow decreases to zero. Skills 2-5 counts as
  6. All of these seem super reasonable. I understand we might not be seeing the bigger picture (traits, chaining, sigils, runes, effects, etc.) but nearly every single one of these suggestions has come up in at least 1 other post about fixing Warrior, meaning there's a common thread throughout nearly all Warrior players of what needs to be done. Is this the perfect comprehensive list? Maybe, maybe not, but that's not the point. The point is that Warrior is so heavily outstripped by all other professions/elites that it does not even (or barely) features in the MAT mode and in other mode
  7. It also is heavily dependent on how the banners now work as far as how useful it will be. If it's back mounted but can only have 1 out at any time, the extra effects & recharge then dictate how useful it is. If you require the Double-Standards (or equivalent) trait for it to pulse quickness then it depends if they've reworked anything in the Discipline traitline or moved it around. Etc etc etc It'd only be redundant in groups that either know their positioning or have enough coverage already. It'd be kind of nice not having to agonize if they team isn't stacking perfectly in Fractals/
  8. This would actually be really cool. I would argue make Gunsabre Skill 5 operate as a longer-range version of Pistol Skill 4 that adds +3 Ammo to Blooming Fire Blooming Fire would operate like Dragon's Roar, with each Ammo Count being 1 explosion packet (max ammo = 6; no push-back) And for the love of god change skill 4 to be a block rather than a reflect. We need utility on the Gunsabre since the Utility Skills are horrible (Flow Stabilizer needs to be stability focused again) and we basically use only those utility skills that directly benefit Dragon Slash (i.e. Flow Gain & Migh
  9. This right here completely captures PvP. On Skybreaker I played played 5v4 with us having an insane meta team vs. 1 each of core necro, scrapper, core guardian, and spellbreaker (their 5th teammate dc'd before the start), and we got SLAUGHTERED (something like 200 vs 500). Like, no rhyme or reason, we just couldn't get our rotation and synergy together regardless of how we tried and they were able to just outflank and murder us between points. Counter that with a match on Legacy of the Foefire we lost mid and both points start of the match and it was like 0 vs. 250 points before we e
  10. Have you had a chance to play around with the Gunsabre with the new changes in PvE? It looks like a 50-60% CD reduction across all of its skills which is a sizeable change. I don't fully know mathematically how CD's affect weapon DPS but I'd assume such a massive cooldown reduction should cause a bit of a bump upwards for DPS in the realm of at least 15-25% (when looking SOLELY at just the Gunsabre itself), with Lush Forests, Frenzy Sigil, and Tactical Reload all skewing it towards the higher end. Even just QoL-wise it'll be a welcome change and offer a bit more oomph vs. different scenar
  11. I think in their mind they thought "support the spellbreaker build" as in "support the Core warrior component" of the build (i.e. shouts), rather than any effects to the actual Spellbreaker kit. But I agree, Spellbreaker's only relevance was being a hard boon-spam counter and now it loses 67% effectiveness with that with no duration/CD/channeling changes. Make it be something similar to Enchantment Collapse, remove channeling, and boom, might as well be the same bubble effect if someone brings Stomp or Hammer. Also...... it's been almost 5 years since Spellbreaker was released.
  12. @DanAlcedo.3281 Sorry man, no PvE changes it looks like, just tweaking PvP/WvW. But yeah, given ANet's history with Warrior updates, you'll probably see a slight DPS change (higher, lower, whatever) to Greatsword and Axe Offhand, and that's it. So maybe a slight CD change to Mace/Hammer, removing the 10 stacks of Torment from Offhand Sword, and then like you said nerfing Shouts into to ground to make way for the Banner rework and it'll probably be called good. ... ... ... Honestly though I'd love to see so much revamping to Warrior. Berserker to synergiz
  13. This isn't the Mesmer sub but allow me my illusions!
  14. Considering all elite specs are pretty much the same as Beta4, it's possible they are bundling any changes with the Summer 2022 Balance Patch? ("a larger profession update and balance patch coming this summer.") Delicious hopium and copium.
  15. @Linken.6345 Yep, waiting so see what Gen3 needs before I decide what to ultimately do. One way or another it'll be nice never having to worry about underwater weapons (on any level 80) ever again
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