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  1. The only weapon that works best with Bladesworn is X/Pistol. You can make a StaffSworn build work but that's "making it work" rather than "works best". Bladesworn is centered around Dragon Slash First and Gunsaber Second. Armaments revolve around access to Dragon Slash. Minor Traits revolve around access to Dragon Slash. Pistol only exists to proc Guns and Glory, which itself is designed to improve Dragon Slash. Major Traits ostensibly are meant to work with the Gunsaber, but the bizarre limitations on Unshakable Mountain/Lush Forests makes Fierce as Fire the only reasonably functional option There's no room for any playstyle that does not prioritize Dragon Slash. It's pigeon-holed in its design.
  2. If ANet ever gets around to revamping Bloodlust to be "33% Chance on Hit" OR "100% Chance on Critical" then the spear could be a decent condi weapon for applying bleed at range. ... please ANet....
  3. While I'm kind of "eh" regarding yet another power weapon, it's really hard not to get hyped up about being able to play a Paragon again.
  4. Bladesworn should be a Pure DPS focused spec. The whole Elite Spec is centered around Dragon Slash to such an extent that to make it viable for non-DPS builds requires so much reworking that it might as well be an entirely different Elite Spec design. That's not to say you can't currently, it's simply that Bladesworn really needs an overhaul to bring it more into line with GW2's combat design.
  5. How about making it a 100% power weapon and then adding condi only on the Primal Burst Skill, just like underwater Spear? Not to be a negative natterer but it wouldn't surprise me....
  6. To be honest I haven't touched Bladesworn in months (PvE). It's "okay" but doesn't make me want to play it in the slightest.
  7. The new article for Spears - of particular note look at the Ranger The most interesting thing of this is the "bimodal model". To really make Warriors shine as weapon-masters, they could possibly apply this to all 5 skills + burst. Range will give them the feel of Paragon spears, and melee could be more Dervish style (although staff kind of fills that niche). Thoughts?
  8. I disagree that each new expansion makes it harder for new players to get in. The Dragon Saga contains like 99% of the game, with SotO really only giving easy access to create Legendary Armour, Weapon Mastery (some builds don't require this) & Expanded Weapons (several professions seldomly use these outside of specific builds). I agree that a new expansion each year is questionable. They stated don't want to put on "a hat within a hat" and then noted they developed a new Crafting Discipline that is functionally Scribing except for your Home instead of the Guild. Just... why? They could have built it into literally all crafting disciplines (or better yet.... Scribing) similar to what they did for the Kryptis Motivations/Essences. New Masteries are difficult to implement with actual bonuses because it creates power creep. For example, EoD Springer is the de facto opener to hard CC enemies, SotO Skyscale Mastery completely changed player involvement (i.e. leeching), and a lot of content in feels designed with the IBS United Legions Waystation (EMP) in mind. There's a lot of things that just stack together and make the players stronger and stronger--not necessarily a bad thing, but I think this is why we're seeing a lot of things like the Arborstone & Astral Ward Masteries where it's literally an EXP sink to time-gate content. It doesn't seem sustainable outside of maybe a couple of years. That all said, I'll still buy the expansion because I've been part of Guild Wars since 2009.
  9. That's fair, it's just unlikely they'd have Caithe wearing the Dervish outfit rather than either her current Branded look or something new. Plus, it would be really weird to have the Thief have a skill with green effects and having a giant ghostly fox appear as opposed to the Ranger that has Snakes/Birds/Bears/etc already. Caithe having the Snake with her skill in LWS2 was kind of a one-off since they made an entire unique skillbar for her.
  10. ANet has introduced some unique mechanics with weapons in SotO so they could add just about anything with the spear. It'd be a nice nod to the Paragon Spear/Shield if Warriors generated Aegis frequently while using a spear. If you pause the video it's just a Sylvari wearing the Primeval Dervish outfit. It's highly unlikely this is a bait-and-switch for Thief given the green effects with the attack. Sylvari hound can go either way as the Racial or as a Pet
  11. I don't really understand why some people are saying these are nerfs? Literally the only reductions are for PvP/WvW by 1s on boons, and even then the changes to Martial Cadence are massive enough to make it negligible, and the CD reduction on Featherfoot Grade is "okay" because the skill itself is "okay" compared to other options. Everything else is a definite upgrade, with it being cast time reductions, duration increases, stack increases, and now healing on auto-attack with Staff rather than Regen being a big win (the regen is pretty much capped anyways)
  12. At best ANet could add a mastery that allows you to fire the Siege Turtle's cannons yourself
  13. Almost every MMO that exists is never this easy--especially when you're talking about end-game content and gear. Check out the guide on the Official GW2 Wiki <-- Probably THE best resource for players getting Ascended in the entire game. I've been playing since Beta and yet every so often (before getting Legendaries) I would come back to it just to get a refresher on where to go and what to do to get things for buildcrafting. The community keeps it updated to include new methods, trading post links, as well as commentary on different runes and sigils so you can explore alternatives depending on your situation/needs.. It's probably the best resource for this and put together quite nicely.
  14. As well, it's possible to get 1 Legendary Armour every 3 weeks by playing under 2hrs per day, 3 days a week. Daily: 6 Provisioner Tokens [3-4 minutes alt-swapping] Once per day, no more than 5 times each [under 30 minutes each OR chain back-to-back under under 1.5hrs] Skywatch Meta & collecting magic for Pinch of Stardust Amnytas Meta & collecting magic for Static Charges Inner Nayos & collecting magic for Congealed Screams Once per day, no more than 3 per week: Convergences [approx. 25 minutes each] Map Completion or Light Lanterns in each map 5 times Skywatch Lanterns - can do this while waiting for Meta timers Amnytas Lanterns - can do this while waiting for Meta timers Inner Nayos Lanterns - takes 10-15 min/completion Even if you don't have the gold & materials, I'd recommend doing this as you'll get plenty of both.
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