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  1. This bug is still not fixed as of today and it feels like it's becoming more and more prevalent. Really annoying to sell anything on the TP these days as the systems is automatically blocking one after a few sells. Quite inefficient too. I would highly appreciate a fix or possibly a work-around. Thank you.
  2. Unfortunately, this bug is still present in the game, and still very prevalent. I could replicate it with almost every item so far, and it also happens when buying items (not only selling, as I was describing it originally). This means that the number of items on the TP is in fact unknown, which makes for an inefficient market and correct pricing impossible.
  3. I am experiencing a weird bug where the Trading Post is showing a much lower number of bids than there actually seem to be in some items. Since this bug is also present at websites that connect to the API (such as gw2bltc.com), it doesn't seem to be a problem on my side only. The problem is as follows: Usually, there are a certain number of bids at a certain price. Since I am crafting a lot (for profit), I often search the Trading Post for profitable crafts to sell. Let's say I found some Amulet that has 10 bids for 10s, 1 bid for 9s95c, and 10 bids for 9s90c. I would now craft 21
  4. There seems to be a (weak) workaround: activate Soulbeast mode, wait 1 second, then deactivate it again. Now the pet should be summoned.
  5. The tooltip info of the trait "Bloody Roar" (ID 1928) includes the buff "Taunt" twice, once with 2 seconds duration, the other with 1 second. Since afaik it only applies once, one of those infos should be deleted. See: https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/traits?ids=1928&lang=en
  6. There's a merchant standing in Blazeridge Steppes called Quartermaster Thell that sells 3 rares after we complete an escort event. Those rares have the stats of masterworks and thus should be classified as masterwork items. Item-IDs: 23107, 23106, 23105https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Quartermaster_Thell
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