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  1. Price has to get awfully low before a zero effort farm becomes worthless.
  2. I always assumed the devs dislike the forum administration and enjoy a looser conversation at alternate media.
  3. Pocket raptors become yer besties with a good old stacking sigil.
  4. This is why hero point trains stink. Too many players think a train is needed when most can be done with two or three peeps. New players hang around looking for a train instead of learning the maps.
  5. Lulz when it’s mostly afk heralds the whole rotten scheme falls apart. I did see some peeps trying to use them as bowling pins.
  6. The vets spawned after the daytime chains do not drop crowbars. The crowbars do pile up quick just from daytime events. Vendor really isn’t needed.
  7. Why act like friendly advice deserves an insult?
  8. I would rip out standing farming root and branch. Want to leech, find someplace else to have fun.
  9. Anet probably needs to change the stone heads so they are not events. That will be a shame, but it is not the first time farmers have screwed up good thing.
  10. Oh the dead afk heralds are getting kind of gross. Verdant Stink.
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