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  1. Mega destroyer dialog still cracks me up.
  2. Hot metas are a lot of fun when LFG is busted and you make do with who is on the map.
  3. The leeches last year were pretty insistent that their mighty 10x dps gave them the right to afk. Teamwork at its finest.
  4. I just see my "experience" bar at the bottom of my screen go just past zero again, with yet another spirit shard showing as the reward to the right of the "experience" bar. That's only the case, when there is no mastery-bar at the front. With a full mastery-bar at the front, you will only see the level-up animation and a spirit shard at the right side of the screen where the loot is shown.And a BOOM level up knock back.
  5. I go back to WoW occasionally for a nostalgia hit. It’s a mess and keeps getting worse.
  6. I just park different toons at the piñata; eventually one spawns during the event. Slow but sure.
  7. I see lots of newer peeps trying to shortcut everything and beeline for this mount. That’s begging for a frustrating experience.
  8. Ehh you can’t solve these posters issues with the game. They are deeply invested in their dislike, no point in continuing a conversation.
  9. Should just implement standard models as a choice for PVE, then no one has to see stuff.
  10. The game offers something to do every minute, no reason to hang out chit chatting in town.
  11. Sheesh cc is a tool for more than breaking bars. Use it in every fight, things will go much smoother.
  12. At this point, playing a core spec is fresh, no? I keep a toon with each spec anyway, all are fun to play. Another set of especs will be wonderful, I don’t care one bit about ‘balance’.
  13. Oh Chaos Crystal is nasty, confirmation of movement ‘bugs’ as features.
  14. Once you play long enough the madness just feels normal =) .
  15. Ehh the scheme is rather ingenious since players converting gold to gems will drive up the amount of gold that cash gems buyers will get. You would not do as well without the farming and end game gold rewards in the mix.
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