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  1. Scourge. Honestly its what the necromancer should have been at launch, a mixed support condi DPS profession as opposed to the weird ranged bunker it ended up being. Scourge really showed us how far the necromancer's design could go and really reinvented the profession as a whole. For me, I'm a caster player. I'm not a martial player, a gish, or a ambush style player. I'm a player who likes to support and debuff in the mid line and send minions in to buffer damage for me as I act as a support or control. Up until scourge there was nothing even close to this sort of gameplay, everyone was
  2. I strongly disagree that reaper Answered most of necromancer's flaws. It answered exactly one flaw. Its Melee cleave which honestly wasn't much of a flaw.
  3. I don't like the nerf, but it was expected and it's not as big as it looks at first glance. Hopefully this is it for touching our DPS at least. The Support elements of the spec should still be looked at.
  4. Its an evasion trait on a profession that does not have any other evasion synergies. Its the lone isolated trait that does this. This trait would be better served if its trigger was on some other action like using your heal or on entering or exiting shroud. At least this way it COULD have a stronger effect and offer some more reliable supportive utility which the necromancer desperately needs. Its a poorly designed trait and without access to other means to really benefit its just a waste of space that strips other more positive potential synergies. Are you seriously going to spend one
  5. I'd be happy if spiteful spirit applied confusion for sure, but it seems to be a boon Arena net aren't interested in giving to the necromancer. The retaliation of Spiteful spirit was flavorful before, it technically functioned in a similar manor but it wasn't great. Applying confusion and converting boons into extra confusion could work for that, which I'd be okay with. For mark of Evasion I disagree. It does have some function but it goes against the necromancer's design which treats dodge like a vital resource that they can't squander. Necromancer doesn't have easy access vigor o
  6. So I had to take some time to really think about the balance changes and really collect my thoughts because when i initially saw the changes I was disappointed. Those thoughts have since left my mind but that doesn't mean I still don't have issues with the necromancer as it is now. Baring the strange Scourge lifeforce bar bug the quality of scourge has made them actually a good option as a DPS in raids and fractals which is extremely good. But there are still plenty of places that could be improved on. Spiteful Spirit Starting here This trait honestly should not be called Spit
  7. Its not OP at all. But the damage is competitive with other professions for sure which is really nice. This means scourge will be good on specific raid fights and meta on a select few more. Like Sabetha. You still wont really want to take a necromancer into something like Largos but all the raids scourge is considered mediocre in they'll be at least good which is far better than they were just a month ago.
  8. Necromancer specifically doesn't have too many ways to lock people down though. We have tainted shackles, Which does combo better now, bone fiend, dark pact for core and that's it, for Scourge we get Oppressive Collapse and on reaper we get Executioner's Scythe and "Chilled to the Bone!". Its a bit limiting IMO, and a majority of our disables are fear. So it would be nice to have a means to spike condi damage for a second or two since torment application has been both cut over the years and now basically nerfed in PvP and WvW by 50%. This is just my perspective though and perhaps its fine,
  9. Although I'll probably make a much longer post in a few days about the balance changes that are going to be put in, I wanted to put in a minor suggestion in order to combat some of this anti synergy which will appear in the game with these changes. My suggestion is to change Insidious Disruption to have the added effect of causing torment to deal an extra 50% damage against disabled foes.
  10. I think you might be on to something there with the Phantasms, however I'd say we could do something a bit more necroish and a bit more fun that could solve the passive farming problem that minions have now which a charge system would harm. This might be a bit complex but I'll try to explain my idea to the best of my abilities and you've kinda given me a "Eureka!" moment. So lets cut the cast time and cooldown of the minions by quite a bit. Lets have all of them have charges to use them quickly. All minions degenerate health over time, even the flesh wurm. Change their skill activation a
  11. You know, speaking of mantras and how recasting them in the middle of combat isn't fun. You know what else isn't fun? Recasting our minions in the middle of combat. Especially since its counter intuitive with the way bone minions work now. Of course Flesh wurm can't really function like that so why not cut the cast time?
  12. Support was barely touched this patch. And I would have hoped we could have seen a higher diversity of professions. But instead we got mesmer again getting alacrity instead of say elementalist or necromancer. I've experimented with Boon share Scourge builds and in order to function as a Might bot you have to sacrifice one of the strongest support tools in the scourge's kit to do the job poorly. You can't take transfusion because you need both curses and soul reaping along with an alacrity giver to ensure you can give 25 might but only if the stars align. What am I supposed to do with this e
  13. As a necromancer main from GW1, I am very envious of the kit Guardian has. Also currently I'd say Guardian is the best class overall.
  14. I'm going to comment on this too since Scourge is my main way I enjoy playing and I do think there are ways to help solve the issues. I don't actually agree they have to. Punishment skills work well enough and what they do tends to be a bit stronger than other skills as is. You don't need to adjust boons in PvE to make Necromancer viable and even if you did it wouldn't work due to the sword auto attack on mesmer which is just quicker and better boon removal. It wouldn't quite work out like you want and it wouldn't be reliable. I do want more boons in PvE, but that's more a utility support typ
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