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  1. People on the forums tend to be the most vocal about issues they have about the classes. It isn't to say all what people say are negative. I post quite frequently on the forums about necromancer and I have a laundry list of issues I have about the class, but that isn't to say I don't enjoy the class, I do! And I love the class a lot! Do I Genuinely enjoy necromancer? Absolutely. Not a big fan of Death shroud, but I do like Reaper's Shroud, Sand Shades and Harbinger shroud quite a bit. I really enjoy many of their utility skills and weapons and the concept of paying in life or inflicting con
  2. I think I'd like to see two variants of Holosmith builds. A kits build which we've seen in the past and an exceed build. Currently only laser disk and prime light beam are used in the builds. But If it has some nice trait synergy with bonus damage when using an exceed skill like triggering 1-3 stacks from solar focusing lens when using them we could see an exceed build being used as an alternative to kits. I like Kits as much as the next girl, however Every elite spec for engineer should have a good DPS option when not running kits. Mechanist does, Scrapper probably will after this patch, b
  3. I feel I need to add something because not all of the necromancer weapons were touched that still need it. Warhorn's cooldown of 30 seconds is pretty steep along with its slow activation time for its fear. Even if you don't cut this for PvP and WvW(Which I still believe you should) This should have its cast time reduced to 1/2 a second and both skills dropped from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Axe's Auto attack is still busted on Female characters with a very awkward animation and its damage might prove much too low when trying to compete with Staff now. Ironically I'm asking for axe buffs.
  4. So, I don't play elementalist like hardly at all. But Something seems a bit strange to me looking at it from an outside perspective. Could Scepter maybe get a bit of a buff with dragon's tooth as well? And for staff, Could we get burning added to Meteor Shower? It seems a bit strange to me you'd add burning and burning stacks to the other skills but ignore the staff's coolest and most salable skill like that. Especially since the skill roots you in place for so long. I wouldn't even mind if each burning stack after the first had diminishing returns. like it does with its power damage.
  5. These specific buffs weren't about the utility skills. We may see those touched up in the future. At the moment I think its a mistake for arena net not to look at the weapon kits. Not just weapons but kits, conjure weapons, shrouds, photon forge, those sorts of things as well. Core necromancer shroud does need to be touched up especially considering that Core necromancer can and does play significantly different when compared to its elite specs where as other classes this isn't as drastic. But that's my two cents. Staff will bridge the gap for new players for sure, but its not enough to be
  6. Okay, my mistake. It does seem to help it out a little bit. Will test this more later.
  7. I'd like to give you some of my perspective on the upcoming balance patch and talk about the builds it influences and how the other builds that aren't affected so much will fair after this. This is going to be discussing all intended PvE builds and not just what you might expect. So lets get into it, breaking it down by Elite specialization. Core Necromancer With the upcoming changes to the core weapons I want to start by talking about core necromancer. Currently they can get up to roughly 20k DPS maybe 23-24k as a full DPS which puts them far below reaper and power harbinger. And fo
  8. So I've been thinking about this. I'm also big on engineer, being my second favorite class. All changes but one I agree with. I know Mechanist is a bit nuts. But Heal Scrapper did nothing wrong! This hurts heal Scrapper more than Heal mechanist. Can we just split this to have reduced healing on Mechanist and keep it as is for everything else?
  9. Necromancer being my area of expertise lets see what we've got. I'll be critical when needed but I'll try to remain positive. Staff isn't anywhere near the conversation when it comes to PvE end game. So I haven't touched staff for testing basically ever. So to see some pretty massive damage increases like we see here its quite shocking to be honest. And to be fair this isn't really the direction I personal would want to go with staff. However I'm not opposed to this at all. I need to test this out to get a grasp on how well it'll preform but considering this is ground zero I'll have to
  10. Necromantic corruption used to do a lot for minion builds during the early HoT chrono meta. you had dozens of Jagged horrors though when Lich form had mark of horror. But jagged horrors were given a life span of 30 seconds which killed the build. Necromantic corruption is a problem when minions are good. Imagine if Necromancer got a Mechanist style elite spec where their pet/pets were a minion and inherited stats. that flat +25% damage increase would be absolutely insane. With the low number of minions we have now and their infrequent attacks and overall being fairly weak all things considered
  11. yeah I see where you're coming from. The lack of expertise still hurts quite a bit. I'll have to make some Seraph's rings to see the difference... Maybe I should invest in legendary rings. Really need to finish that torch too.
  12. What was the DPS? Because I got 23k on the build I posted, but I'm also bad at that sort of thing. Also if you go with that Seraphs would just be better if you have no expertise sources outside of traits.
  13. I thought it would influence fear and breakbar damage, but I guess it doesn't.
  14. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSAFs81aYZGMQmGriRiF7U/zE-zRZYNBlbGSJD04qVItEC5WBdkACfQChUAoRG/WAA-e The build in process. Its not quite where I want. It both needs more condition damage and healing power. Currently it is a 23k DPS build but possibly could be pushed up to 25k with someone who is better at this than I am. Demonic lore is fine to take because the player coverage is 12 in total. With one DPS heal scourge in each party this is functional to stack decent barrier. The right gear could push this up to 30k I'm confident in that. 8 seconds on Shade recharge vs 10 second is bet
  15. The issue is primarily the gear. These other issues can be solved pretty reasonably with the right gear. I've been working on a build with a mix of Vipers, Seraphs and bringer's to get it to work. The issue comes in the Bringer's which is a massive DPS hit and at the moment I predict it could get up to about a 23k DPS bench perhaps 25k, but this is far behind the point I want it to be be. And that's with curses and blood magic. The biggest issue is the loss of 600 condition damage compared to the DPS spec on top of losing soul reaping. Also, the traits I take for the build at the moment are
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