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  1. As a person who pre-ordered EoD explicitly for the fishing content, I liked what I saw in the stream, except for... - Groups of people will always be faster in any races than solo people. This would be fine if the races tracked solo and groups seperately (which makes logical sense - dragon boat vs. kayak). - Skiff are neat, but I would honestly prefer a kayak and a canoe. Both can be single and dual seat. - 2/3 skill buttons along with mouse pointer controls for bobber positioning may hinder one handed and otherwise challenged players. These may well be the same players who will
  2. I've only had the griffin for a week or two and I don't have much experience using it (I played all this time without it, so I kinda don't really know why I need it...), but I do have all the masteries for it. Step by step, please explain to me how I am supposed to get to the 5th point. It's, like, waaaaay up in the air when I have already dived close to the ground to get the 3rd point and glided to the 4th point, so I don't have any room to dive to pull up for more lift... I know, I'm an idiot right; I just don't see the solution to the problem. Halp.
  3. Well, the rest of us who stick around and play regularly clearly enjoy the game the way it is. So... deal with it. Kinda really is that simple.
  4. You can do any of the content you like in the game and turn those rewards into gold and then turn that gold into gems and then use the gems to buy the cosmetics in the store, so technically you already can farm for new aesthetic items (and anything else on the store). This is actually what I have always considered to be my "end game content", because I don't do the raids and pvp stuff, etc. It's kind of neat actually, because it means that every little thing I do to enjoy myself in the game (apart from standing around enjoying the view I suppose...) directly helps get me closer to
  5. Programmatically, it's not difficult to do all of those things they're not doing, so it makes me wonder, in this age toxicity/doxxing/etc, why they're not taking those extra minor steps to protect the privacy, health, and safety of their customers. One of their programmers could knock that out in an afternoon if management gave a hoot.
  6. Sad? No. Never bought any in the 8.5 years I've played. Way too expensive and too limiting - laughably so.
  7. Drytop had its day. If you don't want to use your mount there, then don't use it. Frankly, other people's use of their mounts is none of your business. That said, I do completely agree that the downscaling of characters is no longer effective, as evidenced by the game breaking damage dealt by mount and high level character combat abilities. They need to fix that. playerDamage = MIN(playerDamage, downScaleDamageCap(ZONELEVEL); Rocket magic, I know.
  8. Absolutely! Developers need to learn the difference between challenge and tedium. For me the problem isn't that the mobs are challenging, rather the problem is dealing with them is an annoying waste of time, because I am trying to do something else at the time and the rewards for taking the time to kill the mobs aren't worth the time taken. When I want to fight stuff, I know where to go get that done. To this day, Gendarran Fields is what I consider to the be best zone in the game. Plenty of challenges for its level, lots of variety, decent events, but enough open/quiet
  9. I appreciate the addition of fishing and the skiff. It's always nice to have more non-combat ways to enjoy the beautiful setting.
  10. I like them too. They're fine. People will complain about anything.
  11. Feedback on PvE combat from an average casual open worlder. Normally I main Sword/Torch burn Guardian (for at least 5 years). My setup: Exotic armor (chest is ascended) with Balthazar runes. Ascended sword/torch, corruption/smoldering Marauder ascended rings/amulet. Carrion ascended back/trinket, other trinket is exotic. Signet of Resolve, Purging Flames, Bane Signet, Signet of Wrath, Feel My Wrath. Radiance mid/mid/up, Zeal mid/down/down, Virtues mid/mid/up. I switch out to exotic mace/shield with vitality/healing/condition, if I need to r
  12. The last time I was into dungeons and raids when WotLK was the current xpac for WoW, whenever the farts that was... I healed hundreds of 5 mans, in large part because the system to do so was easy to use. It was essentially the same thing as GW2's sPvP queue (click button, enter queue, do something else for a while, click button, do the dungeon). Is that ideal? Probably not, but at least it made sense and it respected my time as a human being. "Time is money, friend!" Having owned GW2 since 2012, I have done exactly 2 dungeons, 0 raids, and 1 each of those DRMs for the story.
  13. Completely agree. I bought the game in Dec 2012, but I barely played until... 2015ish?... because I couldn't get into it, in large part due to the voice acting of the main characters. The only one I actually like is female Sylvari. Female Norn and Human are alright, I suppose. The Asuran voices are enjoyable in small doses. What REALLY gets me is that other than the Clint Eastwood face, there aren't any old looking character options, but it doesn't matter anyway because all of the story treats you like you're a 20 something anyway! I tried to make a male Norn as a Gandalf type cha
  14. If only there was some kind of...internet... where web... pages! could be made and people could uhh... what's that?... uh, that's it! Where people could buy items with their credit cards or gift cards. Man, that would so cool, right? Seriously, NCSoft, I just paid $30 USD to add fishing to my gameplay. I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars for a specific item. No interest in your little gambling system though.
  15. 15, because fishing and dual swords Guardian. I literally don't care about the rest of it. Cantha? Never played GW1, I don't even know that is. Dragons? *sigh* I'm so over the whole dragon thing... Elite specs? I only ever leveled 3 of them and Holosmith is the only one I use, occasionally. Turtle mount/tank? Ehh... I guess it's a thing, but I don't think I'll use it for anything (I don't raid and only "pvp" for an easy/fast daily sometimes). Still, I look forward to finally getting more of the laid back type of content I actually enjoy in this game.
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