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  1. In the above, you mentioned to solve the problem is join a wvw guild, abd wvw guild runs almost daily, so you missing out 1 week of action. Especially It's 2x WXP week. And not to mentioned 1 week slower on pips farming.
  2. +pray your account doesn't get server glitches and leftout with your guildies.
  3. Well, bad time for 2x WXP I am too seperated from my guild, guess wont be doing wvw this week. Reported to CS and got the same reply like yours.
  4. What team were you placed on? Team Skrittsburgh What team did you expect to be placed on? Team Moogooloo Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? Yes Have you shard/world transferred recently? No. Last transferred 2 to 3 months back What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Ehmry Bay
  5. open cmd, type in below ipconfig /flushdns restart your gw2 client, log in.
  6. found a fix, open command prompt (windows, find cmd) type the below :ipconfig /flushdns close command prompt, restart gw2 app. works like magic.
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