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  1. This is incorrect. I did this on my Ranger, but I didn't use speed boost, swiftness, or anything else that might help. I did this exclusively by running at normal run speed and dodging appropriately and I got the achievement for not being shot on my first try. I then crashed right at the end and had to do it a second time. This time I was more careless, attempting to do it faster and I still only got shot twice. No big deal. It's not incorrect though. My point isn't that it's impossible to do as a Reaper (I completed it), or even just running and dodging. My point is that some classes hav
  2. Specifically, trying to move from cover-to-cover heavily favors classes with high mobility. I played through the story on my Reaper, and it felt incredibly unfun, because I had to make do with Summon Flesh Wurm/Necrotic Transversal, and Death's Charge (which costs precious life force that I need for the fights themselves, made worse by the poison gas). Meanwhile, a Thief could just spam Infiltrator's Arrow, and Mirages have Blink, Mimic, and Jaunt. I understand that not much can be done to change it at this point, but please take things like this into account in designing future encounters.
  3. Thank you for being quick to take decisive action, Anet. It probably wasn't an easy decision, but I'm glad to see that you're willing to stick up for you players like this. I wish this could have been resolved without people having to leave the company (I appreciated Jessica's openness during the recent AMA), but I understand that sometimes there isn't a perfect solution. That said, please don't be discouraged from communicating with us in the future. I'm sure that most of the community understands this was an extreme outlier based largely on one person's repeated poor behavior, not the compan
  4. It's been a while, but I used to play an Air/Earth Tempest in open world. This was my build, as best as I remember it. Basically, Air Overload whenever you can, Fire when Air's on cooldown, and pop into Earth for Sand Squall.
  5. gw2skills is useful for playing with builds, though it takes a bit for it to update after a patch. That'll get you damage numbers for builds/weapons. To get the dps of an autoattack (ignoring crits), add together the damage of all attacks in the chain and divide by the amount of time it takes to complete (the time can be found on the wiki). For the effect of crits, subtract 100% from crit damage, then multiply crit damage by crit chance, and add 100%. Multiply this number by damage, then add the individual attacks and divide by time as before. For attacks with a cooldown, just divide damage by
  6. So, for context, I'm one of the people with gold on all of the adventures.That said, I think most of them are fine, but three in particular felt unfair during my attempts at gold.Shooting Gallery has problems with RNG and time limit; more so the time.Fallen Masks has massive RNG problems, though a more lenient time limit could help.Scrap Rifle Field Test is buggy. Chak AI seems to differ between players; some have chak that form tight groups, others don't. Also, the flamethrower skill only channels for part of the intended time. Personally, I think the best solution is to move the achievements
  7. I have some concerns about this example change, in that it seems like a major nerf. The first problem is that it, from my understanding, only affects one enemy per attack, meaning that it is less effective in scenarios where you encounter groups of enemies. The second is that the Devastation specialization has two other minor traits, both of which are dependent on attacking a target with vulnerability-- and Revenant doesn't have that many sources of vulnerability (sword 1, sword 4, spear 2, Shiro's Jade Winds, Glint's Burst of Strength utility, Kalla's Icerazor's Ire utility, Invocation's Song
  8. It looks like shades is a derogatory term for police in some areas, for those who were also baffled.
  9. So, I have an important question: _why _does the decreased target cap on Manifest Sand Shade also apply to the effects originating from us?If it did not (we have 5 targets, plus 3 per shade), then this is still a pretty big nerf coupled with the duration reduction, but we can still probably manage good uptime of 2 shades to hit an entire raid. It's not great, but it's workable. It also means that you'd have to get in close range in WvW to benefit from this, which is pretty dangerous with no shroud.But because it does (we have 3 targets, plus 3 per shade), this pretty much kills the support rol
  10. 75 Expertise is 5% duration, but we can only keep two shades up over long periods of time, so that's 10% free duration. Also, stat conversion traits do not factor in temporary buffs like Might, Pinpoint Distribution, and Banner of Strength. Only base+equipment counts. Fell Beacon is about 6.27% more duration, less if we use a mixed rune set (5.93% for 4 Nightmare 2 Trapper).
  11. The cooldown on Forge, and the inability to use kits in Forge, both have to do with the risk/reward aspect of heat. The way Holosmith is designed, you want higher heat, but get too hot and you hurt yourself.Currently, if you're in Forge, almost all of your offense comes from the Forge skills, which generate heat. This means that you need to think about whether you can afford the heat you'll generate before you enter Forge. If you're in Forge and almost overheated, you have to choose whether to overheat and hurt yourself, or stop attacking and become a sitting duck.If kits were allowed in Forge
  12. FYI, stat conversion traits only count base+equipment stats. Temporary changes like Might won't increase Ferocity.
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