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  1. Bumping this up. Please be reminded to READ the first page of the form before you proceed to fill in the application. We will NOT entertain applicants who are NOT ACTIVE or DO NOT OWN discord as our main communication is through the said VoIP platform. Thank you.
  2. Elly I want in , I want to do dungeons regularly and get back to doing fractals preferably organized so I can adjust to my timezone considering I play from asian timezone. P.S. Your discord invite has expired at the time I'm clicking it.
  3. You might need to copy-paste that instead of clicking on the link because this forum seemed to return non-existing page for external links.
  4. We now have a form sign-up application if you wish to join us. https://forms.gle/8yqCSeMmX9LLHr4s6The reason why we have this is that we noticed that a lot of people who joined us, ended up being inactive or isn't really socially active and they were filling up our roster.
  5. Bump. We have spots for 2 DPS players who can play both power and condi.Exotic gears at the minimum but should aim for ascended gear.No LI required at the moment though this might change in the future.
  6. DPS Slot is filled. We're open for Support Chrono! New or beginner raiders are most welcomed!
  7. My apologies on behalf of my team for the broken link, you need to manually copy-paste the link into your browser. All links that redirect you to external web page seem to be broken in this forum for the past few days except those that redirect you inside the forum. I hope that helps!
  8. Only 1 DPS slot is left. We're still looking for Chrono! New or beginner raiders are most welcomed!
  9. Banner slot is already filled. We're looking for 1 chrono and 2 DPS now!
  10. I noticed the link to our website and discord somehow did not work at the time of this comment. If you wish to view them, manually highlight the URL and copy-paste them onto your browser to view for information ^^
  11. Updated:- 30.7.2019Hound of Abaddon [HoA] is looking for players who are interested in training progression preferably those who are new or is a beginner to raids. Returning raiders who need a refresh are also most welcomed to join us! We don't have an LI requirement at the moment but we do expect if you are interested to join us to be able to commit weekly. Our training progression group has been around since April 2019 and is now looking for more people to fill in our slots. Here are some of our quick info:-1 - Training takes place every Friday at 17:30 UTC server time for three hours.2- Tra
  12. Hi there, yes it is possible. Our guild makes up of a lot of returning players so I think you'll fit in just fine ^^ Sending out invite to you and welcome to the guild!
  13. Hey there, yeah sure, let me log in and give you an invite to the guild. I hope you get along fine with everyone and welcome to the guild! I noticed we replied a bit late to this. Apologies on our side :)
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