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  1. I for one am too scared to try it. I am not a techy. With my luck, I would get every single bug there is and have not a single idea as to how to fix it. If I do harm to my game with this...what do I do??? Is there a place to go to get help??? Thank you very much. Lisa.
  2. Lisa walks into thread with a concerned look on her face. Mortifera, I am a solo player. I am a Klutz and do not want to inflict myself on other players, though honestly, that appears to be changing..I actually tagged along on a few Bounty runs the other day and nobody ordered me to go elsewhere. Solo or not, I wanted the Skyscale and after reading up on the requirements, I went for it. What a journey. I stomped into these forums several times when I ran into roadblocks and two wonderful people upon reading my posts, found me in-game, and helped with the
  3. Thank you Danicat. My guildy has been very good to me. He helped me get the beetle mount and the griffon. He also cheered me on when I was getting the underwater skimmer...I am a clutz so it took me many, many, many tries. He also dragged my alts through PoF for Hero Point expeditions, so, I want to do something special for him.
  4. I came here looking for the answer to this question as I think this would make a great early Christmas gift to a guildy. Does it matter that he is in Canada, and I am in America, if we are both NA?
  5. I went to the link on the website, the one that pops up on new patch days. It worked from there.
  6. Hello all.I was loading up my sylvari male in prep to play when I noticed something off about his hair. My favorite hairstyle is a long style, the one that goes to the shoulders. I had one big gripe about it. The hair is hollow with a black shadow in the center. Supposed to be a shadow I guess. But it is black no matter what color the hair is. I use it anyway. Well, today, I started to play and noticed white spots on my dark hair....I sighed sadly thinking my favorite hair was bugged. I changed the hair to white to match the spot, yes I have the endless hairstylist thingy which I got
  7. Err are you studying for a test, or writing a paper, and wrote this post to get your thoughts in proper working order? Either way...it was a good read :) One question though. How do you know people are in complete silence at banks and such? They might be engaging in guild chat, or whispering to the person next to them. Example, I stood at the bank for 30 minutes the other day outwardly quiet...but...I was not banking. I was having a hilarious conversation in whisper mode about why I use the torch on power builds :)
  8. I am not so sure it is completely useless. Many times in my solo playtime the enemy has attacked it instead of me and that alone has worth.
  9. Ack, good point. It would make the swim infusion useless. These are the comments I was looking for. That's why I don't think underwater skimmer will be a thing--as much as I'd love it.Maybe getting the Skimmer underwater will require a new Mastery , with collections to complete and a certain number of Swim-Infusions could be required for these collections.
  10. Hello everyone.I have been reading all the posts about the length of time Tickets are getting answered nowadays.What I read had me making a post of my own. Sunday morning I had finished The Heart Of Thorn's story with the miraculous help of a kind soul on my Friendslist. We had been up all night doing it and finally got it done in the early hours of Sunday morning. He had expressed an interest in getting the Armistice Bastion Pass. I have it, and, even though I do not WvW, it is my favorite of the passes...so, I decided to buy it for him as an expression of my great appreciation. Well, I was s
  11. Hello all.I had a normal playtime today. If I had lag, it was not bad. At the end of my jaunting about Tyria I noticed that my food expired. No problem. I went to the chef station at "Armistice Bastion" to make more and I saw that this Reaper did not have chef. So I crafted chef to 500 and logged out to make lunch for my family. I logged back in a bit ago and to my surprise my reaper was a necro again !!!!! My greatsword was still equipped, but my whole build was gone. Where my build should have been was as bare as a baby's behind. I do not use templates so whatever happened had nothi
  12. I bet you have all the mounts. If you did not have all the mounts I bet a jelly bean you would not have responded this way.
  13. I do not have the Rollerbeetle, Griffin, or the Warclaw. I would like the system to check if these critters are unlocked before awarding skin. For example, if I buy a mount gambling ticket, I would like the system to first check to see if I have actually unlocked Warclaw, Griffon, and Rollerbeetle. If I have not, then the system will not award me with a skin for the critters I do not have. I bet Anet would sell more mount gamble tickets if people were assured they would get something they can actually use.
  14. Lisa drops in and makes a smart alec comment...now that the Devs are working from home maybe they have a tad more time for fripperies such as new armors and more hair styles... I will let myself out...
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