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  1. this bcz of new players to make game more fun for them 😉
  2. Devs might be banned from forum bcz of constantly lying so no chance for updates 😞
  3. Maybe they don't know about the other gamemodes?
  4. Yo just check conan exiles or something else... this game here will never get fixed besides pve and/or shiny content like skins and other stuff like that. Just my opinion ✌
  5. I think it´s the only weapon where taking damage can be avoided by .. just moving .. (autoattack) isn´t it ? O.o But Ele still fine if u listen to Anet *shrug*
  6. Anet logic; chase teef with full zone and kill them. Teef fine. End.
  7. i don´t think the damage of cc skills was the real problem but being able to hold opponents in stunlock while killing them this still IS a problem need dimishing returns imo for healthier gameplay also overall classbalance fix asap 😄
  8. U are right.. but.. if anet do not care about such issues feelsbad could help creating a healthier gamemode maybe if they did imo
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