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  1. So the WvW bonus event was dated for Oct. 1 - Oct 8. to have 100% bonus wxp. After the patch now it's just the Bonus Booster. ?????????????
  2. I am not using DX11. I have no addons installed. Just the base game. I had 2 game clients going at once. 1 in WvW, the other in Mistlock Sanctuary. The one in WvW crashed to desktop while the other did not. Everyone on voice comms also stated they crashed at the same time.
  3. It doesn't happen all the time, but randomly I get a pop up saying Network Error when I try to queue for a map in WvW, and I get kicked back to character select, so I have to re-enter queue. This wouldn't be a big deal if my queue wouldn't reset on a disconnect, but this is rather annoying.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/eqTq3JP You can see both Lunar New Year & Wintersday in 1 area in the screenshots. This is happening client side. It's all over the game where decorations get added or removed from various cities.
  5. You can preview them in game by pasting this chat code .. right clicking and hitting preview, then right clicking the dye kit inside of that window and hitting preview. [&AgHucwEA]
  6. 9th anniversary dyes actually.
  7. According to the tooltip, the previous version gave 2 stacks of might. This is just a tooltip bug.
  8. Shroud 4 skill uphill causes it to be endless.. https://gfycat.com/zigzagcompletefirecrest Willbender in shambles
  9. Login to the character that was using Bifrost last. I will be added to Armory then.
  10. So depending on the character you forged it with.. did you ever get a pop up window with the name of the legendary with the text saying "Congratulations" ? Because if so.. the character you crafted with might not be able use pistol, in order to see it in the legendary armory. Have you tried checking with a character that can use pistol if that is the case?
  11. If you still have to make it did you try searching for "Prototype" instead ? Since that is the precursor.
  12. Maybe I'm just not remembering correctly, but I swear they used to appear before the patch using combat tonics?
  13. So with my VPN enabled (Surfshark), and I load the GW2 client.. it will sit there and stall at the first screen before showing the login screen (the screen that check to see if the client needs patching, before prompting to login). It will take around 20-30 seconds before the login screen appears, after that everything works fine. However with my VPN disabled and I load the client again. The first screen is only there for maybe 1 - 2 seconds before displaying the login screen. I've tried several programs to try to narrow down the problem. WhatIsHang, Process Hacker,
  14. Thanks for clarifying. Glad this still works, was scared anet was either going to retire this, or this would end up in that bug list that never got looked at.
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