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  1. Using 0 addons.. Got the error message though.. error: assertion: "..\..\..\Engine\Gr\GrBound.cpp", "(m_sphereRadius + TOLERANCE >= m_boxExtent.x) || (m_sphereRadius + TOLERANCE >= m_boxExtent.y) || (m_sphereRadius + TOLERANCE >= m_boxExtent.z)", 94
  2. Getting reports from multiple people from my squad.. some using arcdps.. some that are not. Both crashing when our squad starts to fight another squad. Even someone using Geforce Now crashed. Not sure what exactly is causing it, but this needs to be addressed.
  3. I would assume you would need to contact support if something like this isn't added. As far as two bolts, I don't think they would help considering two of the same 1 handed weapons gives you twice told legend when carrying both at once and talking to Historian Dozza in DR
  4. So with retal gone. Support classes that don't actually hit people no longer get bags. In general the amount of bags that drop is significantly lower. In a 2 hour period pre-patch in a 30m SMC fight I would end up with maybe 100-150 bags, on a DPS class. Post-patch, I didn't even make it to 30 fighting the same group within the same time frame. I can't even imagine how bad the support classes have it with next to no bags..
  5. I don't agree with awarding pips for killing people. This could be abused in so many ways. Instead award pips for taking only tier 3 structures that are being defended with even or more people than your team in that territory. If you are the defender and you fight off even number or more people than your team, you get the pips instead. However I'm not asking for something outrageous like 25 pips per take / defend. Maybe something like 10 pips. After you reach you pip cap for the week. Any tier 3 takes or defends will result in 1 skirmish ticket instead with no cap.
  6. I know it's been around a while. I just think it needs more light on the problem so it actually gets the attention it needs to get patched.
  7. This is so annoying. Because of this I have been put into bad locations and just eat damage because of a teleport bug. Wish this would get fixed.
  8. I mean, if you wanna message me that's fine. Unless you are talking about for anet in general to fix an exploit?
  9. I'm more confused on what has 100% condi damage reduction at that lol
  10. And that is precisely the point. Well said. That week got over 15k kills. Bring more of that please.
  11. So not only are people getting their account locked from using GeForce Now. People using VPNs such as Exitlag, NordVPN, or WTFast are also having their accounts locked. A friend of mine that just got their account unlocked for using Exitlag, not even a few hours later tried to login to the game to be greeted with the same lock message again. I get that some people out there are using Proxies or VPN when running hacks, but punishing everyone else for it is not the way. Most of the Oceanic population that plays on NA servers has to run a VPN to get better ping result and better response on skil
  12. the error 3023 (account blocked due to getting caught in security sweep) is really a random thing as long as you made your account (and bought your expansions) from your country --> then logging in from another country or another IP address can trigger it. my suggestion is to not try switching servers/nodes often and just stick to one that works and has the best ping for you in your VPN but even then you still risk getting "soft-banned" and having to contact support to unlock it -- i use a paid VPN that isnt made for gaming but more for privacy (Mullvad) used only 1 location/node and i stil
  13. Seeing a lot of Locked account posts spring up recently due to people just using a VPN to lower their ping from being in other countries. One of the most popular ones is Exitlag. Most of the OCX players I know use it. A VPN is basically a necessity at this point for any OCX player to enjoy this game properly. Whatever security checks are in place need to be looked at. I'm sure support is already sick of getting these tickets and their time could be better utilized with more serious matters.
  14. Did you have to file with anon ticket or were you able to login to the website and do it that way? Friend of mine just had their account locked because of use with Exitlag (at least it's 90% looking cuz of this). They had the lock on their alt account, so they tried to login to the site and got account locked for security purposes, so they filed the ticket on their main account and they locked their main account too LOL
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