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  1. I also have been having low FPS and a lot of lag. (especially on the new maps like Seitung province I did a speed test on my internet and it was fine also my router and internet all are good too.
  2. Hi, For this Wintersday can an item be added into being in the Wintersday Gifts? I'm talking about the Frostbitten Toolbox and/ or also the Organized Frostbitten Toolboxes which contained gathering tools that gave out snowflakes. (The Organized Frostbitten Toolboxes had: Frostbitten Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle, Frostbitten Orichalcum Logging Axe, and Frostbitten Orichalcum Mining Pick inside.) Also can the amount of snowflakes that are possible from a gift be increased from 1 to like 5 or 10? The reason I am asking this is so th
  3. They should give that merchant the ability to exchange different mission currencies into other ones. Right now there's a certain kind of mark I'd like to be able to make from seals for example.
  4. I was wondering if Anet could update the Wintersday wvw/pvp reward tracks to include options for weapon skins related to those holidays. (For wintersday an example would be the wrapped weapons for a reward option.) It takes 8 to 10 hrs to complete a track and the weapon skins options would be nice. Thank you.
  5. In wvw we were given mounts. (I spent 200 gold on a skin for my mount too.) The mounts were nice to have, but now they were slowed down by anet a while back. Some people can outrun my mount on foot. I was wondering if anet could give us back the mounts how they used to be or at least slightly speed them up, give them proper leaps, or something. It's pretty disappointing to be given a mount for wvw, have it for a while/be happy with it, and then have that taken away. :(
  6. I was on the map of Bjora Marches and was trying to get the map currency for recipes I needed for an achievement. I need 10,000 Eternal Ice (the map currency) for the recipes/achievement. I gathered it from the map and and did some events, but I'm not able to get enough too quickly. I wondered if anet could please rework the pvp or wvw track for Bjora march to make it repeatable and to give an option at the end reward for Eternal ice shards. Other living story map tracks are repeatable and have an option to give map currency. This pvp and wvw track can only be done once and at the end has
  7. I forgot that entering SAB removes all buffs. I was just in there and I lost them. I had maxed out everything with hero/spirit banners, food, oils, guild hall buff thing, boosters, 2 gobblers, and etc.
  8. Also at the end of the event that finally succeeded, I ressed some people and right when I was about to loot the chests they disappeared. That was not cool at all.
  9. I tried to do the event a couple of times, but since the map was not full it failed. Each time took about 30 mins so when anet scaled it up it now does punish people who can't fill up a map to do it. :/
  10. This fight took 20 mins before the patch at least and now it feels longer. It also fails a lot more.
  11. I was on the Bjora map and had just opened a few chests in a cave/grabbed a mastery point. The game dcd and when I came back in I didn't have the mastery point anymore, the loot from the chests was gone, and I was outside of the cave that was hard to get into. When the map kicked me out it undid my progress.
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