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  1. How would alliance take power from the players? I can remain as my 20 guild if I feel like it or go stack a 5 guild alliance that is over 100 people. At least now I can choose to stay small and get put in a random alliance compared to now where people just bandwagon a server on new re-links cause they dont like what they got. Then wait weeks for it to even it out. Alliance actually give some people control and what they do with it. IE stack or remain alone.
  2. All Alliance does it let Anet blame the community for stacking guilds/alliances. Its up to the guilds in the alliance if they want to be together. A surprise to noone cause guilds like to run together or omniblob/AJ every little fight. It takes the burden off of ANET and puts it on the community. Similar now to stacking servers but that had a cap to it that we can see
  3. Since there was enough complaints about the Halloween jumping puzzle and by passing it with the merchant. Can we get the same with the choir bell. It is too hard and I am bad at it Thanks
  4. TBH the skyscale is the most useless mount as all it is good for is AP farming and I guess gliding but flying, no Congrats on the AP and I guess AFK flapping
  5. Omg that is awesome, love it!!! Also you can still use golems as they have a different cap. The siege is ~130 pieces of siege but I dont know if golems have a different cap or not. This is something I will have to test now. Also just lead a zerg towards the wall and maybe they will clear it. Amateur building where a zerg can wall bomb it.
  6. Depends on the other options. I dont know any other MMO with flying personally but GW2 is more of gliding than "flying". So with that, I would say WoW flying is better than GW2 cause well it is flying
  7. Depends what you are doing but havent heard it blocking any content beside vision which I dont even know what legendary piece that is at this point. PvP dont need Obv WvW (all my time spent) dont need/cant use PVE: Beside vision dont need, all the maps have these called paths that you can walk on and get to the destination or just wp for faster results. I would not mind if it invalidated other mounts, wont be the first time ANET did something like to the game. Skyscale "invalidated" HOT gliding if you think about it but we are ok with that. The bunny "invalidated" the mushrooms
  8. Omg yes this!!!!! I wasted sooo much time with guild saying GW2 has a flying mount all to find it it can barely climb up into the sky without running out of breath. It is a GLIDING mount. I am with you on the WoW style flying mount,. Like if I want to start high in the sky, need to use the bunny to get up and then use it. Thanks HOT already came with gliding so why would I need a mount for it. Skyscale is so useless that I dont even have bound to any keys and leave to rot like the roller beetle. If you want to traverse anything, bunny still the best with gliding. Why would I wan
  9. We need to pull them to test. Its part of my ERP world. You know how many times you lose a keep due to a bad EWP? Well I dont know but the bean counter is working on getting me the stat with a pretty graph. Also tacts has been out for 9 years? Time flies
  10. Maybe we can take all the people complaining about SOS Sea/OCX and put them in some guild and can fight them! No wait that is effort, ill go back suggesting some vague solution that is really just a complaint in a 24 hour mode.
  11. Mystery solved!! Tried it with the new daily and it counted
  12. Just noticed that bay sharks got iron hide and iron guards mention that it gives iron hide to guards. So question is do bay sharks count towards guard daily??
  13. Seems to be a lack of communication. Unless you know the person, a simple say chat hey want to fight this person goes a long way. Plus you got some many people the get hurt that you ruined a 1v1, can see why maybe a new player might not want to ruin the fight. I do not see forcing PVE players to do some WvW to get legendarily stuff that all just skins in the end (ASC is the same stats). WvW has to go do some PVE to get some of the gear. Its an MMO, making you play all game modes to get the fancy end game armour seems about par for most MMO. Lets make another map for PVE that amo
  14. Mag probably the least Toxic TBH, block like 4-5 people and suddenly Team is quiet again. Its more people like to see there own typing I guess. Mag is just a very boring link, they will just sit in ebg all evening farming the same 10 people and gloat, other than that, nothing really special about them. Do miss our HOD link, fun people on that server and saving my tacts for them DB will always be the most toxic in my heart.
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