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  1. Don't know if anyone else is having this issue. But whenever my skiff is attacked while using the Jade Tech Skiff I do not see any of the damage being done. I only see it if the skiff is destroyed or I reboard it and leave the area.
  2. I agree - insta-death, insta-down with not only a debuff but a harder to rezz mode. Miss a mechanic - die, step on a over lapping circle - die, look cross-eyed at the boss - die, etc. None of the raids I've been in have had such unforgiving mechanics. At least if you miss a mechanic in raids you have a chance of recovering. But in strike cms like Aether and Kaineng - die die die, for missing the simplest mechanic. Let's not forget the ever popular - party wipe if a single player misses a certain mechanic.
  3. We had to put them in virtually the same place. That's why you can only see 1 ram.
  4. I know you made a change in WvW not allowing siege to be placed in water due to some exploits. Thank you. However, on Blue Keep in EBG it gives them an unfair advantage on their water gate. You can't throw rams in front of the gate anymore. Kind of a must to break in that way. I'll show you a picture of what we had to do to knock down the door today. We had to place 2 rams on the foot of the entry area - the only place you can now drop rams. And then we dropped 2 catapults on some dry patches. https://www.deviantart.com/heibi/art/Gw238-912339725
  5. This is the code I get whenever I click on the Leader Board under Community: Error 42 (0:9001:4457): Srv2Taco, transaction timeout {#1}, {P+/Taco/Request+STS/1.0}, { 0 0 0 0} TacoProxy/302.20102301 Instance/9.625150164
  6. Did the one that wasn't done and am 19/19 now. Got my points back and 1 extra point. I also got a duplicate item due to finishing the achievement twice. Do you want me to delete the item ANET?
  7. After looking at the EOD Act I once I was able to log back in I noticed that it had changed from 18/18 to 18/19.
  8. Got my SAB done but still missing the 15 points that vanished after the patch.
  9. Yep, I also lost 15 points suddenly after the patch. I put in a ticket.
  10. There was an exploit as well in that area where you could hide the cata basically underwater when all was said and done. Then they could cata and not even be seen. The no water deployment now means that exploit is thankfully gone.
  11. ANET figured, for some weird reason, that most players would have the turtle by now. The skins were obviously scheduled for today way back before the release. The problem now is, will they fix the META - not just the horrible rewards, but the whole fight and the reason it is in open world? This META needs to be friendly to random groups. Maps should be able to be formed on the spur of the moment and have a greater than 75% chance to succeed.
  12. And they won't get a single dime from me on them until they make the META more what open world content should be. They've actively stated they they only want "most players" to succeed. Guess thy want some people to fail. Great marketing to your customers. If you're in the fail percentage that's where ANET wants you. Enjoy it. You want my money you must make it so EVERYONE can succeed without having to be super organized.
  13. See ZERO real fixes to the actual META. Only thing is the dialog part which is so minor it wouldn't register on a California rector scale. And as I've stated - buying no skins unless this is fixed for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY!!!!
  14. I saw that too. Gotta do the meta for a lot of different achievements. I find the statement "most people to succeed"(doable by most people) strange. Are they saying there are people they don't want to succeed? Perhaps they mean the hearing impaired, the older folks(like myself), some with arthritis, people with hand/wrist issues? Are those the people they don't want to succeed? I wonder. Care to elaborate, ANET, on who the people you don't want to succeed are? You should want EVERYONE to succeed.(It's 10years of story build up and you only want some people to succeed in the final battle?)
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