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  1. Yes. We were up against the 3 servers they put together. Believe me, those 3 servers didn't like it either. Queues for days.
  2. The condi spamming is certainly boosted in WvW now. Dragon Banners became deadly again, btw. You might have gone a little overboard on the condi boost and lowered boon ability here ANET. Cleansers have their work out out for them now. The condi bomb is real.
  3. The Friend/Follow/Block List should only show World vs World when someone on that list is opposing you during a matchup. I/They should not be able to look and see exactly what borderland anyone is on if we are enemies during a week. I've watched multiple live feeds of commanders looking at their "Friend" list to see what borderland an enemy commander is on. Please fix this, ANET.
  4. And when I look at our ACTUAL numbers that our server(excluding link) puts up every day I can't see how my server is considered full. We watch other servers have map queues running around on multiple BLS and EBG while we can barely queue a single bl and might have a queue on EBG. The algorithm needs some serious adjustment. The way it's calculating server size is completely messed up. The way things are going, assuming a bunch of EU players are making accounts on NA servers, no new players will be able to buy the game and pick a server in a few weeks. Time to expand the size of FULL, ANE
  5. The daily Kodan to kill 20 svanir is working in DRMs. Did Doric DRM and none of the svanir counted.
  6. Strange part is it had been working just fine for years and then suddenly said it was full event though it wasn't. After a bunch of efforts to fix it it decided to work again all on its own.
  7. Somehow the problem resolved itself. No idea why it stopped working and now works again.
  8. I'm still getting this screen shot is full message. Working with ANET but nothing has worked. I have GW2 set as an exception through my anti-virus and I have no screenshots in the folder at all.
  9. I just received the "screenshot folder is full" message.". I moved everything out of the folder and it still won't let me take any screenshots. Any ideas?
  10. I'm logged in, obviously. The issue is with that particular part of their website.
  11. Yes. That's what I did. However, the actual function is currently broken and sends you in a loop of login, go to support, click on submit a ticket, login(if you don't want to do so anonymously), go to support, etc. You can only do an anonymous submit currently.
  12. I keep getting the sign in circle while trying to submit a ticket. I log in and then click support and it tells me to log in again and again and again and again.
  13. Yep, canceled our daily WvW raid today due to the other side abusing this bug.(that's about 30-40 people on our side that can't play in WvW because we refuse to abuse the skill or contend with it) Nearly every one on the Green side was on an Ele using the Impale skill. They know it's broken so they deserve a ban for a week or so.
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