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  1. Plaguedoctor seems nice. According to build editor using PD armor and weapons along with Viper jewelry you get 19k life, 1750 condi, 325 healing power, 21% boon duration, and 90% burning duration if you use Balthazar runes and sigil of smoldering.
  2. When I played heart of thorns almost all elite specs were better than the core ones. I can't say if it's still like that for path of fire. Yes that would then entail it is pay 2 win how is that pay 2 win when its normal game progression to buy an expansion? pay2win is if they started selling ascended gear for gems.
  3. How do you know people don't buy the expansions? proly the obvious signs like the fact metabattle takes the time to make guides for core builds? Or when people request core builds and state they dont own any expansions. Or when I join HP trains in HoT and people arent using mounts. Or leveling new alts and seeing other people leveling but they dont use mounts.
  4. I know core guardian is still one of the strongest open world builds and Power DH is fairly strong as well. However I want to play a build centered around burning my foes for their sins. I have a Condi Mirage in full Vipers but I dont really like the playstyle of jumping all over the damn place. Im looking for another condi build thas fairly tanky so I can play through Season 3 story, PoF, and then get started on Season 4. Also for open world how much better is Viper compared to something like Carrion, Dire, Trailblazer, or Rabid? Obviously Viper for fractals/raids but for open world wou
  5. I have played most of the big name MMOs going back to my Ultima Online days in the late 90s. So why is this literally like the only game where people just dont buy expansions? I have even seen some absurd forum posts accusing the game of being pay2win since most Elite Specs are stronger than their Cores.
  6. i feel like atunements should just be combined to give Ele a weapon swap feel. Combine earth and water into a single attunement since they are defense and support then combine fire and air since they are more damage oriented. That isnt a dumbing down of the class, its making them like every other class with 2 hotbars of abilities. Then balancing will be easier to do since you just got rid of half the abilities.
  7. if you arent performing why shouldnt that be pointed out? sounds like someone just wants to get carried.
  8. Im not gonna count Rev since I consider Core class to mean it was here at launch. that being said its hands down Ele. its just not fun to play anymore and I mained Ele until HoT. Dont understand why anyone would would play something requiring so many button mashes just to do less damage than a Warrior pressing Axe 5. Not to mention you bring little utility that another class wouldnt be better at bringing. I used to be wanted for healing inWvW and now everyone just runs FBs. Ele just requires too much effort. You have to play perfectly in order to kill anyone while you watch some kid wi
  9. There has always only been one light armor class in this game and if you dont fart butterflies you picked the wrong one.
  10. only correct answer is Golemancer with Staff maybe?
  11. played since launch and couldnt bring myself to play Engi until they added Holo
  12. i know only a few professions/specs can wield a shortbow but do any of them do decent damage?
  13. All the meta builds require elite specialization. It's been that way since HoT. thats not pay2win rofl. Most people buy expansions in MMOs so its called normal progression Have you considered that this game might not be your cup of tea? No, because it was my favorite MMO at launch, and now I want to recover that lost feeling of, like, actually enjoying the game.umm clearly its NOT your favorite MMO if you refuse to buy the expansions
  14. I feel like if you have to juggle attunements and many different abilities in order to get the most from a class then I feel like it should reward you. I mean why on earth would anyone play this instant carpal tunnel class over something faceroll like Daredevil, Reaper, or Banner Slave. I wonder if I can log onto my Warrior, drop banners, and just spam auto attack while I eat dinner and contribute more.
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