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  1. End of DragonsEndofdragonsEnddragonsEnder dragonMinecraft collab?.... I'm leaving.
  2. Boonbeast and Condi herald are absolutely disgraceful in WvW.These two promote "my build is better than your build" rather than skill.
  3. So yet again. As a complainer I just disagree to be looked at as fully negative and wanting the world to end. As if making criticism about the game, like what the critics did, is the same as pissing in your cereal bowl for breakfast. Now it's your turn to take a step back and explain to me what you mean with "Anet has done well" for the following FractalsEotmWvWSPvPDungeonsHoliday events (mainly talking about Wintersday and Halloween)Class balancingAnd i'm talking about updating in the past 2 years. Not since release.(If explaining is difficult for you, let me help you with the following : F
  4. Also what is this "everything is awful" train you are stating.Have you seriously skipped over the part I have stated about the examples of good game designs of GW2? I say that these game designs are good, because I have played and enjoyed them.Could these game designs improve more and update to be even wider? Yes.Has these game designs been abandoned and ignored? Yes. In this case, these reviewers are stating the facts (mostly the definition and intentions of the added content within this new living world episode), opinions-and tides of the player base and his own opinion in this review. The
  5. Not every complaint must be looked at "people like to complain for the sake of complaining". Complainers can also just click on Exit to Desktop and be never seen again in the game if that is what you want. I mean look at WvW. So many passionate Commanders, Guilds and roamers have left the game and suddenly like what you want, they have stopped complaining. Not because the game "has become old", it is because terrible design choices like a WvW mount and overtuned classes. People complain because they want to make the game to a better state in certain areas compared to what some areas are right
  6. Thank you for the build advice :). I'm in the ranger mood lately and my favorite play-style is core condi ranger, although I will give this build a try in PvE. Do you have any advice for when you switch the Soulbeast trait with something else to hold the core aspect of condi ranger?
  7. Does anyone play Core condi ranger in PvP/WvW and/or PvE? I've been visiting this play-style after 4 years and this is probably one of the most outdated play-style in the game at this point (Playing sword/torch + Axe/dagger).Been roaming as core condi ranger in WvW and literally almost every build just counters this play-style.It either could be also that core condi ranger is somewhat a balanced (condi) build should be : NO hard condi pressure, NO 24/7 boonspam, NOTbeing able to apply EVERY condition, very slow and dull gameplay compared to PoF E-specs, NO constant condition to boon, NO AoE s
  8. I mean... according to the wiki or any information source, were boons really intended to be short term buffs?(I agree boons should not be permanent/ easily accessible)
  9. Scourge, firebrand, holosmith, deadeye, boonbeast, mirage, weaver (so almost every spec PoF has to offer) and mounts (because avoiding fights and high five each other as you and the enemy pass by is an accepted norm nowadays) happened to WvW.Nothing more really. Game mode is severely unfun now.
  10. At the Cathedral of Zephyrs in the map Malchor's Leap , there are these glowing lamps that impose this continuous sound.IMO this sound is quite calming. It is a bit like the sound used for the Toxic Offshoot finisher .Although, I cannot come up with a description of the sound these lamps produce.Anyone got any clue?
  11. Having played and loved core necro for more than 5 years in WvW and PvE, there was always one thing bothering me about this class not mattering what build i am playing with core necro. The elite skills...They are shortly said very... very terrible and outdated in my honest opinion. Especially in WvW roaming, i haven't even experienced one moment where i am thankful of pulling off an elite skill with necromancer. basically the elite necro skills right nowPlaguelands: Let me just start with what i am considering the worst elite skill in the entire game. In PvE it may seem useful but looking at t
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