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  1. Before I leave this topic, since it's clearly mostly falling on deaf ears. It sounds more to me like there are veteran players here who believe that they have some sort of grandiosity because they were active when the living stories came out, and everyone else should have to suffer and dish out money because of that. You were not paying a subscription when you were playing then, and you're not paying one now. You were simply playing the game. You bought the expansions just like new players did, and because you were playing actively, you got access to it. So why then, s
  2. I feel sorry for you, that you believe having access to the story in the game you purchased is such a huge issue for you. This is not wanting free things because the game is free(which it certainly is not), this is just wanting the game to be more friendly to new players.
  3. The problem being that it automatically disjoints the story into pieces that don't make sense unless you buy the living story chapters that you've missed out on for years, which feels more like a punishment as opposed to anything else. It would be like buying a book series but whole chapters were taken out and separated near the end that lead up to the next book.
  4. If you dish out the cash to buy the base game and the expansions, then you should be given the living stories so that way you can properly do the story. Providing a spotty storyline to new players is not good player retention. Yes, this is also a problem in World of Warcraft where it kicks you out of Chromie time when you hit a certain level but it doesn't negate the issue here at all. Like I said above, if you pay for the base game experience as well as the expansions, you should be given the bundles of living stories so that you can do them the way it was meant to be played.
  5. So then you agree, that the story is disjointed unless you shell out the money to be able to play the story the way it was intended, in a game where the story is the base line for the content being delivered?
  6. I've played GW2 a long while, but I have to admit I do prefer FFXIV and play that more religiously as of the past few years. I decided to bring my significant other over to GW2 to fill some time before the next XIV expansion came out, and I noticed a few troubling things I suppose. The story is completely disjointed and the fact you have to pay for chapters in order to know wtf is going on is ridiculous business practice. As of now, if you complete the main storyline you go from dealing with Destinys Edge to suddenly working with a group of people that you don't know, to dealing wi
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