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  1. Peacock pheasant griffon skin! I know we have a peacock raptor but peacock pheasants look quite a bit different and are absolutely gorgeous. There are different kinds of them too.
  2. Not a choice anymore. I cannot load into the game at this point. It lags out, and even the launcher is being very slow. It's not just OP.
  3. I don't play this game because I always want to deal with PvP. In fact, I play it because I can avoid it whenever I want to. There are plenty of other games out there with PvP-based systems. This game is just fine having them separated.
  4. I was trying to join a squad listed under Dragon's Stand for the meta, however, whenever I tried to join that group, it instead put me in a squad listed under Verdant Brink (where I wasn't even looking). Restarting my game did not fix the issue.
  5. I've gotten an immortal shortbow skin, part of a skin set that you can only obtain otherwise by spending 2000 gems on an outfit bundle, or 150 statuettes, from a guaranteed wardrobe unlock. If they put those into the unlock set, I see no reason why mount skins shouldn't/wouldn't be included eventually.
  6. It was late last night (which means there was probably way less traffic than there is now) when I downloaded the app and linked my account, but I was able to work with it, and I got my Heroic edition and the outfit. The app itself is really finicky, I had to restart it several times during the process for things to register properly, but after about 20 minutes I had my codes.
  7. Honestly, one of the things that's kept me playing this game is the community. I started playing back in February of 2016, and one of the things I immediately noticed right off the bat was how friendly and willing-to-help people were. Players have gone out of their way many times to help me out (I've returned the favor), and it's a drastic difference to what I see with most other games. I've tried WoW out numerous times and have found that GW2 is in general just a far friendlier community. I've always appreciated Anet for designing the game to support this type of cooperative behavior, as I'v
  8. I was going to report them for falsely reporting, but I didn't see an option for that under the report tab. They already blocked me, and I'm assuming at this point that they'll be dinged for false reporting anyway, so I'm not worried about it.
  9. Okay. I figured as much, was just worried about the close proximity. Thanks for clearing things up.
  10. I was doing map completion (again) in Straits of Devastation, and I was approaching the Vizier's tower. I've been aware of this tiny sliver of area around the perimeter of the JP where mounting is allowed, and I mounted to escape potential combat and get to a WP a little quicker. I then get a whisper from someone telling me they reported me, assuming it's for botting due to me mounting so close to the JP, then they blocked me before I could ask why for confirmation. Should I be worried about risk of suspension? I might just be paranoid but I'm a little concerned.
  11. That's part of a new skin pack that was just released today. I'm not sure why we can't see them in the preview in the hero panel, though, because I'm having the same issue.
  12. Taken from the Griffon mount wiki page: "According to its 3D designer, the owl-like features of the griffon were inspired by the barn owl, noting especially its heart-shaped face, which is also commonly seen in many species of barn owl." So, we already have a barn owl griffon skin. It'd be nice to see one more realistically depicting the facial features of a barn owl, but seeing that the original skin is meant to represent one already, I don't know if they'll go back and make another one. I could be wrong, though.
  13. I'd also like to add my voice in support of this decision. I am a female gamer, and I support equal opportunities for females in game development, however, this is not how you deal with criticism, and she had no room to play the sexism card. I can and do disagree with people a lot, and often have had discussions with them on such disagreements, but not once have I ever even thought about trying to play the sexism card just because a male dared to disagree with me. That's how a civil discussion works. JP was not being civil in her response. Call it what you want, but both she and PF disrespecte
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