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  1. I do. I got 305 points saved up. Today I spent about 5 hours doing the rest of the hero points I missed in the PoF expansion, and then heading off to HoT expansion area and doing the ones I missed there, I believe I got about 270 points today. There is only 1 more HoT hero point that I missed that I cannot do since I do not have the Itzel poison mastery and I am like 2 or 3 tiers away from that and I am not going to grind that out. Then the only other ones I am missing are about 90 points throughout the original game. So yeah, I think I am prepared for the next elite specializa
  2. Simple forum search did not answer the question, their search function is really bad.
  3. Well, the entire Guild Wars 2 saga has been about the dragons, with the next expansion bringing that to a close, it can also suggest it would be the last expansion. Do they change directions and make an entire new threat that doesn't have to do with the dragons for future expansions, or do they end Guild Wars 2 and the team focus on Guild Wars 3 or an entire new IP?
  4. Do you think this will be the last expansion for GW2? I am hoping there will be more expansions after EoD, but onto a different storyline, a new threat to Tyria.
  5. I hope so, I just spent the last 5 hours collecting about 270 hero points from Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns expansions, I now have 305 points saved up. There is only 1 more hero point challenge in Heart of Thorn expansion, but I am far away from getting the itzel poison mastery that is needed to reach that one. I got all the ones in Path of Fire. I think the only points I do not have are ~90 points scattered in the original game, but you only earn those 1 point at a time, that's to much a grind. So yeah, hopefully I am prepared for the next specialization right out the gate.
  6. Anyone know how many hero points are needed for End of Dragon's Specializations?
  7. I also have the 5700xt with an i7-9700k and 32GB of RAM. I also got stutter when I tried to use DXVK. I also got some other issues like: - My weapon would disappear and reappear while fighting, like every other second or so the weapon would appear or disappear.. This was just a visual bug though. - I was getting geopmetry issues, like all of the sudden this long triangle spike looking things would come out of the geometry. - Then of course the stutter So I removed DXVK and all is well again.
  8. Thank you everyone for the responses. Glad to hear that I will most likely enjoy this expansion more than I did with the last expansion. I loved the storyline of the last expansion, and all the characters, including the living season 3 storyline and characters, but I just hope they won't bring that kind of map design back to Guild Wars 2.
  9. I really didn't like the HoT areas because it was kind of annoying getting around and finding places. Is the Crystal Desert more like the areas prior to HoT areas, with the exception of mount use?Also is there plenty of hero points to earn through the Crystal desert to max out the new elite specialization? And are they annoying to find/get to? Can they be solo'd to earn?Any recommendations on the order of obtaining mount masteries? (like say for example, that I am making up, "Get the first 2 raptor masteries, then work on the first 2 rabbit mastery, then go back and get the third raptor mas
  10. It will be interesting to see what Arenanet does with this, since they are definitely breaking the Belgium law with how they are doing things. Are they just going to stop supporting and selling the game in Belgium? Are they just going to create a different client and servers for the people of Belgium and make them play just with in their own country? Are they going to make the changes world wide, and we will no longer see any more of these gambling boxes that are in the game?
  11. Thank you guysGlad to hear that I do not have to worry about spending more time in the jungle than I have to.
  12. I am returning to the game after a very long break. Tonight I just completed the main campaign of Hearts of Stone and did the first chapter in Season 3. I really do not like the Jungle areas, so I really want to spend the least amount of time in these areas as possible, but I love the story line so I will do what I have to in the Jungle areas to complete it. Anyways, right now all my traits are maxed out except for the new specialization that came with PoF expansion. I have zero hero points right now and spent none in the new PoF specialization. When I get to the areas created for PoF, wil
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