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  1. Seriously, no offense, but this makes me think that whoever made this thing never touched a druid in their life. Together with heal-ele buffs (a class that was already outperforming a druid in raw healing power), this is another nail in a druid's coffin. I have to ask: why even put the class in the game if you're "unhappy" with how well it performs literally the only thing you designed it to do? I have the feeling they are trying to push PoF sales, there is no other explanation for such changes. Its nerf after nerf and the spec is not even meta in 2/3 game modes and losing its spot on the only
  2. It could have been a great skill, but 7 second stuck in cast its a big no. Only useful in raids? Because in pvp you'll get focused.
  3. The change on pet stats is straight up dumb. Sorry there isn't other word for that. Its nerfing an already handcapped spec in pvp even more and now its going to affect WvW and PvE as well. It's like they are pushing people to buy PoF expansion.
  4. Imo, the -20% pet damage will hurt druids in pvp and wvw a lot and that wasn't needed since it isn't meta in any of those game modes.
  5. D A M N! =) You've achieved the first goal: triggering people into trashtalk you. :p It's very easy to trigger people these days..as long as you play ranger, the LB variant must be the most hated spec in wvw....but then again that's what ranger is called/known for and I let people know that alwaysYeah, the LB build is super annoying but i find axe to be more reliable with damage and the weakness+chill is amazing, also making a good combo with iboga. :) Seems like i triggered someone last night as well, he was ganking me with 5 other people. Still managed to kill 1 before flee for good. lol
  6. D A M N! =) You've achieved the first goal: triggering people into trashtalk you. :p
  7. Yeah i was a bit undecided if i should make Pharus or not but i am glad i did, loving it. I was saving gold for months since i do no PVE but fractals.And that is a bit sad to hear you are moving but also happy, hope its a change for good. Will miss ya. ;)
  8. Thanks. I prefer axe over lb because of the chill and weakness. LB is only really useful on high crit chance + ferocity builds where Rapid Fire hits hard.
  9. it was condi, but i don't remember the stats. Only used it for like one week.
  10. Thanks, man. Glad it could be of any help. I play it sometimes, but mostly in pve or spvp.
  11. After some time away due to IRL stuff i'll start to post stuff again time from time. ;)
  12. Its fun to watch the theorycraft going. =)Here's some new stuff:
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