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  1. I don't think ripping out the HP regen/life force drain mechanic completely was the right choice. It took away some of what made HB feel unique in comparison to the other specs. Couldn't you have just halved the healing/LF drain and tried that out first if the 1st iteration was too much?
  2. I know it's a minor complaint, but the repetitive sound of the pistol shooting constantly really started to get on my nerves after less than 20mins. It will actually drive me towards using other specs/weapons. I think all 3 abilities just being pew pew (and sounding the same) like you say exacerbates the issue further. Some more unique/Necro sounding effects would go a long way to help it feel more in theme. I hope the name Garbinger catches on, that's good. xD
  3. As a solo player, after trying it for a few mins I can safely say I have no interest in it and will stick to using the drake for 99% of the time as per usual.
  4. The heal for10% of condition damage trait (in curses) is not proccing while harbinger shroud is active. I thought we are supposed to be healable in it while it's active? (Beta 4)
  5. I don't own the black lion industrial board and my game crashes 100% when I look at the gem store. The only similar item I have is the LW season 4 board. Can load up an alt account with no gem store purchases and look at the store fine.
  6. Didn't they say that harbinger shroud allows you to get healed while in it when they announced it? I'm not sure if that applies to self heals from torment runes/blood traits, or just other player sources though.
  7. I'm pretty sure the double damage buff tied to blight threshold only applied to thrown elixirs and shroud 3 & 4; the shroud abilities (3&4) get 5 stacks of torment added to them as well. I don't think there's any other interaction with blight threshold on anything else. I have no idea how much damage a thrown elixir will do, but it would have to be pretty significant to compete with shroud I imagine. If the buff you got from them was also much stronger when consumed with blight, that might make them more interesting. Have 3 different levels like heat on Holosmith.
  8. I started having problems like this as well starting a few days ago. Before that I'd done some living world season 2 & 3 stuff and it was fine. Now, pre-rendered cut scenes only have background music and conversational cut scenes randomly cut mid-sentence. Sound is fine at all other times.
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