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  1. For Me . . . The Good: - I like the art color/design via symbols. The Bad: - I think the Spec looks overall boring from the trailer (sorry). It just flings daggers around in different yet, similar ways. I would have liked to have seen more work done with illusions here. In my opinion, the Mesmer is not suppose to be about themselves as much as themselves with their illusions. Opposite of what I saw in the trailer. Honestly, having clones preform Dagger Storm - like animations would have been more interesting and more acrobatic animation styles would ha
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! I made this post because I have not seen talks concerning how fast people can get up from the downstate. I am also curious about the amount of counterplay behind players getting up in a "Blink of an Eye" or 1 second. - This quote is taken from https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Invulnerability: "Invulnerability triggers from certain player profession skills and is also briefly applied to every player as they fall into downed state or recover with rally." - Also this quote taken from https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Resurrection:
  3. Sure thing. Yea, making boons so that they are on an equal playing field, or at least mostly perceived that way, would make the element of choice more difficult indeed. So that idea would be good for that purpose. The only issue I can see right now is that we may very well end up where we started concerning current thoughts/feelings of the influence of boons. - For instance, in this case, whoever deals out boons more effectively than others, may have changed. However, the effectiveness of said boons has not, ultimately. Instead, boons have now become more effective arou
  4. Please include a brief description of the revive scenario if able. Can list multiple scenarios if applicable to your chosen time. Can include a Rally scenario. Thanks!
  5. I think if things are more exclusive to particular classes, "boons" in this case, one achieves diversity on paper . . . But in actuality there becomes a heavy influence something called "Pick Rate" in gaming. The things seen as most viable are chosen over the lesser by players. Also, if things are as one may say, "to good not to take!," then stacking of such quality of things can more easily occur. - In short, I do not believe believe particular classes having dominance over particular boons will not be a healthy change for combat because of higher influences on pick rate.
  6. Did they honestly say that though? I take you/everyone here is referring to this post: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/arenanet-studio-update-july-2021/ In the "Alliance's When?" section, last paragraph, the "Guild Wars 2 Team" writes: - "Our communication regarding this feature over the last few years missed the mark. In the past, development priorities shifted away from WvW, and unfortunately both World Restructuring and our players suffered as a result. Our new leadership team views WvW as a cornerstone mode of Guild Wars 2, and it will be a focus
  7. Actually, Diku didn’t understand what the OP was actually asking for. Diku’s suggestion is for max range ONLY. The OP is asking for the ability to find the range manually, then set it to auto fire AT THAT RANGE.. so, if it’s 57%, each shot would be at 57% I understood this suggestion the same as you @Strider Pj.2193. Also, I remember there are some treb locations where even if one were to build a treb further back (or forward . . . Depends) . . . The treb shot would then miss the target area, even if one would attempt to adjust the treb shot charge time accordingly.
  8. I wonder how mad his dad was at him for putting tape on the wall again.
  9. Yes, the system sorts itself (with occasional assistance from Anet), with consideration to points that are earned concerning WvW activity. So, to clarify, I am not stating to "take away the sorting factor," let's wash our hands and be done with it. How things are sorted/points earned depends on the fulfilled criteria (rules) that award those points and allows such sorting to happen. I am questioning the current scoring criteria because what ultimately seems to matter, practically 99% of the time, is whoever can afford to spare the most server activity during the week . . . Wins. And yes, I sto
  10. First, thanks for your opinion from your perspective. So, from what I am understanding here, instead of the Scoring System simply welcoming coordination, it goes even further and actually "favors" it instead . . . Alright. So, numbers have no significant value when it comes to coordination . . . Even if one side can spare a roughly equal amount of coordination and still have higher numbers. Next, during off-hours, particular servers generally win "the coordination battle" despite there not being enough opposition to coordinate against. Yeah, personally, I don't think attaching the word "coordi
  11. I was not aware that I was ignoring a point when I told you . . . "Yes." Then added a "thank you" for the input, but alright. I won't go as far as to say you "ignored" this response, but perhaps you missed it. Personally, my issue is just generally rewarding easy points because another team cannot compete with the higher activity rate of another team in WvW . . . Usually, because that team has more numbers to expand out to uphold this kind of activity rate . . . Appears to be at least a questionable practice in my eyes. This is, again, why I made this post to raise questions over the authentic
  12. So, you are telling me, at that specific moment, during what is perhaps one of the most coordinated, highest motivational, WvW nights out of all other consecutive match days to be had left . . . This was your experience? Well, I must say congratulations to that other server, and congratulations to you for stumbling upon the needle in the haystack. Maybe more resets are the answer then. Yes, I think more resets are the answer. Links are too long, matchups are too long, and skirmishes are too long. This naturally favors servers that can "persevere", which doesn't neccessarily mean higher numbe
  13. Yes./6 characters too short. P.S. Thank you for the additional input too outside this quote.
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