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  1. Goodbye, beloved Guild Wars 2 Community. I love you all and wish you well in the future.
  2. There have been quite a few threads created on the topic of recent news from ArenaNet. I am sure you've read our update, but if not, please do. Then, we ask that you please feel free to use this thread to share your thoughts or discuss things with your fellow forum members. As with any merging of threads, some minor continuity issues may arise. But merging is preferable to the redundancy of comments across multiple threads, and it does offer a better place for a meaningful discussion.
  3. Hey folks, Thanks for asking about my well-being. I assure you I'm fine. I have been out of town on vacation, and not really able to interact on the forums at this time (poor connectivity, I don't do well typing on my phone :blush: , etc.). The mod team is on duty and I'm keeping up with them from time to time, so all's well in that regard. I will be back in the office on Monday and look forward to talking to you soon. Edited: Because I am really, really bad at texting on an iPhone.
  4. Agree - cello is what it seems to me. Not big enough for a bass but too big for a violin or viola. For the record, I love cello music!
  5. You're new, so I'll explain: The forums are built for conversation, feedback, and suggestions. There are even a few specific threads with "Suggestion" in their title. There isn't a "Suggestions" subforum because suggestions come in on all topics -- gameplay modes, professions, etc. -- and having one subforum for suggestions and one for feedback or general conversation would split things too much. Feel free to add your (reasonable, constructive) suggestions in the forum best matched to the core subject matter. You're new, so I'll explain something else: You've started out your forum membership rather badly and this thread is wrong on a couple of levels. First, your first two posts contained three uses of "not-so-creative spelling" to try to mask a swear word; one included a word that got censored. Don't do that. I've changed the title (you're welcome) but need to also point out that you made a statement, challenged others to disprove it (while insulting them), and when they did exactly that, you stopped posting. Maybe you'll come back to this thread, maybe you won't. But if you want to fit in here, follow the reasonable forum rules: Don't swear (cutesy or not), post constructively, and don't insult people!
  6. I can ask about this. I am not sure if it's been discussed or assessed for possible implementation, or whether there's a known reason we could not add it. But I'll try to find out.
  7. I want to call attention to THIS thread, as this is the place to report issues with seeing "checkboard" effects on characters or NPCs. Please do not create a new thread on this topic, but post here so we have the maximum information available to the devs.
  8. I am going to rename this thread so that more people spot it. The Gem Store team is aware of this, and I'm pinging them today with a direct link in the weekly newsletter. However, I'd love to see even more ideas and request here, so keep 'em coming!
  9. Here's a reminder: Payment issues are very personal, and we need to be able to help you on a direct and confidential level. Please submit a ticket by clicking "Support" at the very top of this page, then choosing "Submit a Ticket" at the top right of that Guild Wars 2 Support page. Select 'Purchase & Billing Support" as the reason for the ticket. This will ensure it goes into a special queue that is handled by payments experts, and they usually can help you quite quickly. Posting on the forums really won't get you the help you need, so please do submit a ticket so we can assist you! Thanks.
  10. Hey folks, We had a lot of really interesting ideas for Quality of Life (QoL) suggestion in the GW2 Discussion Subforum, and even one over in the WvW Subforum. To keep things consolidated and increase the chances that these ideas will be seen during a forum visit by the devs, I'm merged the most recent suggestions into this QoL thread. I invite members to continue to post your suggestions for game improvements of the QoL type in this thread!
  11. Thank you for posting your thoughts; I'm going to share them with the team. Incidentally, noting that the topic was not mentioned in the widely-used GW2 Discussion subforum, I created a thread there yesterday, just to get general feedback on the story. I think having threads in two subforums is complementary in this case, and again, I'll share with the team.
  12. Hey folks, I talked to one of the designers on Chasing Tales, and they did some investigation into the bugs being reported. Looks like the issues with both rifle and axe have been noted, replicated, and confirmed and fixes should be rolling out in an upcoming build. We're sorry for the issues that you're having and will get that all tidied up ASAP.
  13. These are terrific. Thanks for sharing them with us!
  14. Merging threads. Thank you for your continued reports and patience!
  15. Soooo... there actually have been TWO bugs about this, at various times. Poor Nuhoch! About those bugs: One was fixed a few years back -- so when someone points to something being 3 years old they're probably looking at that old, smited bug. I certainly hope so! :)The other bug fix was corrected with the 1/22 release.I'm thinking that with the most recent post here being dated before the 1/22 release, we might be all good on these two. Could you please update this thread if there are continued issues with this?
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