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  1. I just realized they didn't even address the janky heal skill in the list of changes lol.
  2. Still didn't resolve the biggest issue I had with Beta 1 WB. The WB flames still scale way better in large scale combat than it does in 1v1s, which was the entire motif of the class. I don't know if the new changes will fix its problem of being a clunky wet noodle, the animation smoothing will need to be tested but I'm glad they're addressing that. But there was no reason to nerf Vanguard Tactics. Overall I'm still not expecting much out of this spec, I still see very little sustain in its kit, losing the passive aegis was a gigantic trade off that leaves it way too susce
  3. Ever since cmc decided that every single hard CC skill needs to have a 0.01 power coefficient in spvp/wvw, a good amount of skills they create will be D tier by default.
  4. Leave Shattered Aegis and Mystic Rebuke alone and rework how Willbender flames function via scaling. The first iteration of the design is completely assbackwards to begin with how the spec is suppose to function, WB should never be a zerg fighting build unless Anet wants their new assassins to roleplay as a Dynasty Warriors clone 1v1000ing. Reduce the flame procs to every single hit but with a 1 sec ICD per target.
  5. I wrote this in the first page of the feedback thread (though not the specific mystic rebuke interaction) but this just highlights how badly designed the concept of WB flames are. The profession mechanic is complete garbo in the area that this spec is designed for (small scale, 1v1) etc but completely busted in 1 vs many large scale zerg fights.
  6. Core Medi Hammerguard already does JI + CC better with either Hammer 4 or Hammer 5 that doesn't even require an elite skill.
  7. Shiro Rev also pisses out unblockables and has tracking attacks with built in evade frames, 0 of WB's attacks are unblockable, good assassin build... 😕
  8. Core Guardian feels like the elite spec upgrade to Willbender.
  9. The FB grandmaster trait Lore Master should almost be baked in, allowing WB to keep the passives even after virtue activation to make them worth using instead of losing the passives altogether. That's how bad the current WB virtues are.
  10. That's where I'm currently at, I'm just going to play FF14 for the rest of the week over trying to make myself feel bad by testing WB anymore.
  11. The day 1 experience was so bad that it just killed any motivation I have at all to play it on day 2, much less throughout the entire weekend.
  12. Anet took a traditionally weak side node class that has bad sustained damage and 1v1 capabilities and gut its defenses even further by removing the virtue passives and decided that adding 3 450 range dashes was enough of a trade off to call it an "assassin class". Good joke.
  13. Harbingers have more functional mobility than the "speedy duelist" spec feedbender.
  14. After a day of testing and watching good players streams, this might legit be the worst spec Anet ever put out. Maybe HoT launch Ventari Rev is slightly worse? idk its close.
  15. That was my point lol, the aftercasts and animation locks makes it feel like you're on a 2.5 sec GCD by default.
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