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  1. They made it so when you leave shroud you don’t get much heal. they also made harbinger trash with somthing similar.
  2. Revert the shadow heal on exit revert the blight heal… You fixed spectre and harbinger
  3. What they should of done to be spicy is make pistol 4 or 5 an auto attack. To make up for no weapon swap. And add more flavour to the class. 2 auto attacks on one weapon set. Would be fun and interesting and give a single handed ranged weapon.
  4. Yep, same boat here. I only cared for the harbinger and spectre and they’ve nerfed both to a point where I’d rather have not bought the expac and stuck with my HoT characters -_-
  5. Agree 100% shroud is trash and now we can’t even just use it as a heal. This is the one spec I bought the game for… I was going to try harbinger too but that got shafted too with the removal of blight heal
  6. I just don’t get the change. They just nerfed it 😂😂😂
  7. Is it thlugh? Reaper spamming 2 in shroud with the obligatory speed runes seems faster than this to me. im more concerned about the squishiness now seing as blight doesn’t heal.
  8. Shroud felt sub par to stay in so quickly entering shroud and exiting for a heal was worth it, but now we have to stay in for 5 seconds. (still can’t use wells in shroud) also nerfed shroud skills…
  9. Personally I feel like the reduced movement and the fact that blight no longer heals outside shroud makes harbinger worse off now than it was during the first beta. (Wvw + pvp)
  10. Spectre changes and the change to harbinger heals make the specs worse than they were pre change 🙄 I’ll stick to my hoT classes for now
  11. Matchmaking is the reason for the trash-mess that is ‘PvP’
  12. Pvp is a joke -18 for a loss with fakers in your team +4 for carrying bots vs trash players. matchmaking is a joke. I was vs two top 5 players. Won, only got 14 pips.
  13. What’s equally worse. Is players playing on seconds alts in ranked and going afk on a whim because their rank doesn’t affect them as it’s not their main.
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