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  1. The first month the game had higher hit count aoes both offensive and defensive. Then they scaled back the offensive ones and later the defensive ones. The game originally was designed for massive nukes by small groups.
  2. Would love for them to implement a skill like ESOs proximity detonation. Where the more enemies in the small aoe location the more damage there is for the skill.
  3. Yeah the last few weeks the game is lagging more than normal in WvW. It's always been pretty terrible but the past 2 weeks even on alpine we get the SMC lag.
  4. Wish you weren't so fuking awkward bud
  5. Was a good run, thanks for the entertainment. Reminding me again that WvW is an afterthought though has made it easy to leave. Thanks for the 7 years!
  6. Way too little too late. Was a fun ride, thanks for the entertainment.
  7. I'm sure it will come out as quickly as alliances....
  8. Do you mean DIS? And what about bear, I heard they are beary good.
  9. Great job normalizing rarity %. Honestly people shouldn't have to stay in one map to farm for items. They should enjoy the entire world.
  10. Remove stealth on mounts and fix server lag caused by mounts. Please make that priority 1.
  11. Or you could just enjoy the shake-up it caused. Super Hardcore WvW'ers are so hard to please. Nah, he is just sad he can't snipe low levels/players that run back to their comm anymore.I don't care about sniping individual players. I care about the triple evades and cc immune which makes any choke worthless. I care about the invis bug that makes the game look like a seizure. I care about the amount of server lag due to the mounts. I care about being able to stealth so far away that there is no tell, triple evading into the middle of people and bombing them. These are the issues I care about. U
  12. Isn't there a world boss all you PvE kids need to go farm? Mounts in WvW in this state are trash for the mode.
  13. Why are the devs so shy to discuss the shit show caused by being able to stealth mounts?
  14. All those players talking abour FPS and stuttering I would hate to have in my squad. They are the ones that just spam their skills and have no clue what any skill does. So when the skill doesn't go off they don't even realize it.
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