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  1. i may be in the minatory here, but i would like to see them work on a new game. GW2 came out in 2012, so the main engine and tech is atleast 15 years old. i know they have updated it some. make a new mmo, working on SSD and newer engines that has crossplay like FFX14, with the GW2 play ideas. the b2p with pay to look pretty, the living story content. get that on the mass console with everyone, then just Anet keep doing what they have done over the years
  2. i play this game off and on. if they went and time gated skins per say. waited 6-12 months after letting a skin be crafted/be droped in game. after that they let it be bought in the gem store i see no wrong with that. say the original legends, if u could go in now after what 3-4 years and buy that skin for 20$. gw has always been pretty wars:P
  3. this is 1 of my biggest gripe with gw2 after hots. mind i jump in and out gw2 so not always playing it. everything now has some for of gate to it. this is for the new dragon mount. this is great for the ppl who play all the time, but me i'll never get it. it would be great to see them drop gates like this after a 6-9 month period and make stuff easy to get.
  4. i spent thousands of hours in gw1, while maybe A thousand in gw2.i miss clearing a area in HMFoW/UWgoing on farm runs for greens and for random gold dropsthe dual systemcaping elitesthe way healing work(gg prot monks still not many games have healing like that)the many types of pvp(4v4, 8v8 12v12 GvG)urgoz and the other one luxonsorry the list can keep going on, let face it anet droped the ball on gw2 and disappointed its fans
  5. they could do something like wildstar did with housing. before it went f2p u could get random drops for things in your house. those drop were just about anything u could think of, chairs, different houses, plants, pipes to put on said house etc. even different actives droped u could do inside your home instance. i'm sure anet could think of plenty of drop items, rewards items, then gem items for ppl to buy. add in invite to my house to come wonder around and play in it. would be a great thing for an x pac.
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