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  1. Season 1 should come after the personal story and after season 2. New players will be turned off by this bizarre decision, plus putting the next step of their story RIGHT NEXT TO THE BIGGEST PoF SPOILER? Why are they even bothering to make a story oriented game?
  2. Psst... you whined that HoT wes overpriced for 60 dollars , for its 5 maps .Now with half the price of PoF , you changed your mind again ? Excuse me, when exactly did I say that?Oh.I D I D N ' T
  3. Respectfully, I think we have different definitions of "winning". Perhaps for you, winning is beating other players. For me and many others, it's collecting. My goal is to get skins I like. By this definition, it is pay to win. Removing the option of pressing the "use credit card" button resolves this. Forgive me if I was unclear. I wanted to point to a specific case of addiction manipulation (the so called whales) but I also wanted to highlight the other problem of selling an incomplete product then expecting the buyer to buy the second half, piece by piece, at an absorbent cost. Case in
  4. ... and harmful (current) standard industry practice at worse. [An Open Post]. [Repost]. I've been informed that my comments weren't respectful or constructive. My intention is to be entirely respective and constructive, so I'll post again with close attention to the community standards. Please excuse my passion. Anet, I've played your games for years. It's true. For many recent years however, it is of my opinion that you have been offering more and more meagre offerings in the form of micro-transactions and overtly advertising them through your game, be it the small things, "LOCKED" icon
  5. I agree with the snowman. We only wanted the game to remember our builds. The equipment thing was asked for by precisely no one.
  6. That's the choice anet made. They can develop expansions or they can choose to exploit useful idiots who slip right along their slope to the chagrin of the rest of us.
  7. The artificial limitation on build templates is inexcusable. Gear storage, okay, fine, but build templates? No.
  8. I thought the good news was that game currencies were going to be banned in Australia. Oh well.
  9. For some reason, you still can't jump while transformed, even though you used to be able to. I really, really just want to glide around as a raven. I worked hard getting this tonic, specifically to glide around as a raven, and it's still bugged.
  10. I get what you are trying to say and disagree completely... accusing this game of gating content is simply false. Part of the reason it doesn't feel like a living breathing world is the focus on convenience at the cost of immersion.Most players I know suffer from "what do I do now?" when they get to 80 and not "there's only one thing to do, one way to go.". It's a theme park sure, but it's main problem at 80 is not that it pushes you in one direction, but that it pulls you in 8 at once. Since the game is story based, no, skipping ahead doesn't make sense. You'd have no idea what's happening.
  11. QoL suggestion 1: don't nickel and dime build templates QoL suggestion 2: remove the gemstore. Implement skins in the game as a reward for playing it, not for conditionally opening your wallet.
  12. For me it isn't about what will make me leave. I've spent so much money on gems on black lion loot boxes and cosmetics that leaving now would make the amount of money I've spent even more painfully obvious and shameful. I definitely feel the water boiling on build templates though. Mount unlocks definitely felt strongly like gambling, even after the hiked price of the selectors came in "the roll a dice option is 3 times as cheap!". The gem store has always, always been the very worst thing about the game and other games in general. Cosmetics aren't just 'optional'. Especially not when skins a
  13. The ability to "donate" your unused food to human orphanages/norn refugees/asura researchers/charr sentinels/sylvari compost pots for some low level reward. I know there's already a gobbler but eeeeehhhh
  14. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. The mount discussion is a valid one, but my thoughts were more focused on the linearity of the story progression and by necessity your personal experience of the world. The game railroads you to complete maps in a certain order. You can Portal Scroll to, say the Domain of Kourna, Thunderhead Peaks, Jahai before that part of the story, but they'll all be yelling at you about something that hasn't happened to you yet. The fact that there's no boat from Istan to the mainland, or the Shiverpeaks and Thunderhead, if I wanted to go running around the world from Th
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