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  1. Ok I did find an email. It said I played Vindicator the most when I never made one or even played my rev during the beta. 🙃
  2. And the best way to land this burst is with stealth, and the best way to get out unpunished is also to stealth. That's how they can devote all the stats to offense. Also superspeed is only widely available on the elite specs. All those damage modifiers are also from the elite specs. I mean yes you can do some funny stuff like Zephyrite Runes but core engi is like the worst thing in the entire game. The only core engi that is a threat doesn't even use grenades. I mean I wouldn't really mind hitting superspeed either, but meh. But I mean, it's pretty clear the spec that got buffe
  3. The only real problem with it is they can hit from stealth. Sounds familiar huh? Whatever you do, please hit Scrapper/Holo and NOT core engi again.
  4. Bladesworn is the warrior spec. I admit most of them did not interest me so I only tried 4. (Willbender, Mechanist, that Mesmer one, and Harbringer). I thought Harbringer was the best but they seem to have weakened it in the 2nd beta. Mostly tried mechanist. (Couldn't do anything with Willbender)
  5. Can anyone come up with the tankiest Mesmer build with the following: Mobility, Moa, Stealth, Pulls (ideally)? Asking for a friend. Just want to cause disruption to certain 40 strong boonballs who just want to run over the poor souls in hbl. Anet keeps changing the class every year so I have no idea how it works anymore. On another topic, I think something of interest would be life steal and stuff like draining sigils. These things bypass armor so it could be pretty useful even if your base damage is useless.
  6. Heavy Loot Bags are 2.6s each. That is 1.2 greens. Stop worrying about them. Especially when players are not guaranteed to drop them, and you're really just moaning over spikes. Players are also a pretty bad source of wxp since players that have already died a lot recently give little WxP. The easiest solution is just to remove the minimum damage. Dolyaks already work like this. The system is outdated and made before dedicated supports came along. But it's never going to be fair either. Loot shouldn't really come from tagging/drops, and almost all the new content in the game doesn't
  7. I was playing on my alt and it only has core so the reward tracks suck and there is no mount.. Ending up getting this useless Gift of Battle. They should really let you vendor it for more. Because I had no mount I pretty much did not go anywhere beyond the EB or the borderland third. You can also go repair stuff If for some reason you don't have badges for Big Spender, you can use the skirmish chest to buy badges. All you really need is a movement boost, maybe a leap, and some condi clear. That being said, I'd be open to people being able to trade these things and maybe exp
  8. I didn't get anything, so maybe it's only to people that tried out Bladesworn?
  9. Not really sure why "lol OP prob bad" statements came up. Point is they started something asking for p2, and then people went p1 anyways. I mean yes, OP should bring a better build for instanced content but this isn't a debate that should last a month. At that point, you should probably ask why they picked p2 instead of p1, and then leave if not given a satisfactory response. If people can't read, you shouldn't play with them. Also kicking people from CoF lol (Did I take a time machine?) Come on now, I pretty much assume any non-farm path is probably new players.
  10. As a member of Giant's Rise (on my alt), I would ask you to retract this slanderous comment. It is not fair we were born bigger and better or are overcompensating for a small PPT and we should not be judged. People should be proud of what they are. Also, Flaccid Rock. (I do not take credit for this name)
  11. Naturally, it should improve non-combat things. So skins, or an arbitrary Magic Find and Gold Find track that costs hundreds of points would be nice. But I would suggest forgetting a,bout World Ability Points for that and just introduce a vendor. It'd sell special items for each tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold...) Maybe you could have diamond skinned siege or something. Or you'd have extra decorations to towers/keeps you claim. At diamond rank you should be able to put an fish tank in SMC. By making a new reward every tier, this would frontload rewards while still allowing progress. W
  12. Also blue dots when in a regular party are not showing up at all.
  13. Well, that's why I brought up 525k karma. That's enough shards (250) for a legendary but I guess you could keep it at 1.05 million if you're aggressively pursuing them.
  14. You could buy them with karma. Every 525k karma is a stack of Obsidian Shards but wouldn't take up space. In general, I reserve around 600k karma in the event I might need to, though I usually have too many Obsidian Shards since I usually don't make many legendaries. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ley-Energy_Matter_Converter Also this can help.
  15. Well that's the problem, I didn't really watch it xD I saw 360p and wondered how you recorded the video before Gw2 came out. 🙃 But that's fine, we'll just leave it at that since you seemed to record a proper video later on (move it to the op IMO) And yea it does work as a roaming build too.
  16. I would describe it as an anti-roamer build since it's built to counter common gimmicks seen in small scale. So it at the very least has a template slot, and yes I do. It's most useful in situations involving 5-10 people where you can render half the enemy group's (most likely pew pew) useless. You can do the same with an ele though; however the ventari rev is far more effective at attacking structures with a few people vs a few people as the tablet would stop disableers and various other nonsense while providing alacrity. Also while we appreciate the work you put into recording, you
  17. You can get more enough masteries on HoT/PoF solo, especially with the insights in Living Story. HoT is admittingly a bit harder because PoF masteries are mostly optional.
  18. It's because they made a poor choice to put them in achievement chests, so you can get badges by not playing WvW. But badges can be used in the big spender daily, which can be part of getting the track without WvW via daily potions. If I have anything to complain about, it would be that Celebration/Birthday boosters only increase Reward Track gain by 10% and the Candy Corn Gobbler has an atrocious interface.
  19. Hmm, didn't realize roleplaying as map parking enforcer was popular, but here we are. Although I'd suggest find something better to do with your time, like doing the meta. I really don't understand how people manage to even notice that stuff; chat in cities is usually filled with irrelevant stuff anyways and I don't even read it 90% of the time. Granted, I did turn emotes off, but that was due to people spamming it in WvW and getting in the way of important info. But it's your game.
  20. I was thinking more of assorted Fractal Armor chests. But weapons could probably be more important. Ok I guess you got me there since I don't want that crap clogging my inventory. Even when I was making Legendary Armor, it was so slow I was crafting that crap anyways and Sublime doesn't even use them anyways. And yea my first set was when MoBs weren't as expensive and it seemed like the better option than dealing with marks.
  21. I have like never seen a meta fail because there was RP; I mean sometimes people may joke about it, but in the case where it's serious, it's just looking for something to blame. And if you were to find something to blame, in most cases, it's the 20 people lying dead and refusing to WP that are a far more common detriment. I just turn emotes off.
  22. Well that's why I suggested there be a limit per week so it'll even out over time. If you get 1000 kills, it'd be the same if you get 300 kills. I suppose you can argue that the large squad will still get them faster, but that will apply to anything. If that's not good enough, it could just be restricted to 1/week. Although I really don't care what people that are here just for tickets really think. I don't really care either way (I delete them); am fine with just making them plain old marks. Currently you get 3/10 of a mark per week, I suggested bringing it to 9/10. But 1-
  23. Think the easiest solution would be so that people could trade in Emblems of the Avenger for 50 tickets each (limit of 3 per week). Make it so you can turn in 1 more if your server won last week. That way you can play WvW and still make progress regardless of your schedule. Emblems of the Conqueror could be sold for a special wxp booster that stacks on top of the other boosters. It'd also give you +1 pip. Or make Embelms be consumable and have the same effect as daily potions to reward tracks (no, this isn't really related to the topic) I'd also triple the Mark shards given.
  24. I would say something but it'd be easier to list guardian skills with proper tracking. :s
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