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  1. Anet: "Sorry Mr.Oscuro, Request Denied" 🤣
  2. @DanAlcedo.3281Honestly though we just need you to deliver more of those high quality copium to warrior players. I need another package deal (Plus Dino Nuggets+Drink)
  3. I am actually surprised they finally do this though, I think we have been talking it for a long time at warrior forum right? Was it you who suggest it or something? Anyway on the serious note this is Anet injecting copium again to warrior something around "We read the forum." 🤣
  4. Oh wow I didn't expect there is a Copium package deal too, that is so kind from you 🤣
  5. Gimme your highest and finest quality of copium.
  6. So I just saw the note and there is a nerf again for PvP and WvW Why anet hate warrior so much again?
  7. @Gerplunka.3861welcome to the exodus club 🙂 @Grand Marshal.4098 and I still recruiting for our exodus club if any of you still want to join.
  8. [How can we improve arms?] the answer is NO, it's not an option. We can't improve arms because Anet doesn't want to improve warrior in general.
  9. Wow so what bladesworn use now? is it easy for the to keep the Thief Rune stacked up?
  10. But this is the whole point of potion of WvW right you can save and spent at the right time, why anet doesn't like this 😭
  11. At this point Alliances will be occasional returning event in disguise of "beta" after "beta"
  12. Seems all these warrior's bad patches lately made Lan insane 😭
  13. I know you are not trolling, but the real question is why Anet hates 2 out of 3 Heavy armor class? while the guardian is their golden child.
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