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  1. Hammer Rev needs more nerfs; some of the skills still do damage and none of them did reach a 2" cast time, so there's still room for "improvements".
  2. Given your preferences, based on what you said: * Light armor: if Necro is out of the menu, condition Mirage with staff/staff works wonders. Gear choices would be either rampager, carrion or dire/trailblazer based on how much glassyness you would to have. Lord Hizen has a phenomenal solo build for open world PvE in his Youtube channel. When playing in teams at instanced content Mesmer is mostly used as alacrity provider. *Medium armor: condi Soulbeast, trailblazer stats, huge damage & sustain (remains mostly untouched by the sustain nerfs of the last months which affected other p
  3. No. You were wrong. At the time of the first post (beta 1), in August, Willbender was a POS, not even functional at any game mode, Naru and Crusaedir depised it and the spec clearly lagged behind meta builds as power Herald. Was clunky, lacked damage and had some problems in terms of sustain, and was nowhere near to replace other specs of Guard at any content. Then, when the second beta arrived in September, Vindicator was even stronger than Herald, with Eternity's Requiem and Mist Unleahsed delivering 50% more damage than currently, and Saint of zu Heltzer endurance cost wa
  4. No, but that was that way at PoF release, 4.5 years ago; when the damage nerf hit 2 years ago a lot of those specs were already toned down, and after the cut both Spellbreaker and Firebrand started their path to become deleted from PvP At the begining of 2020 we had more build variety than today (and for build variety I mean builds being competitive at MATs). Last week Anet even nuked DH and core Engineer, two builds with 0 presence in the meta.
  5. June's patch is PvE focused. PvP nubers weren't as low as currently, ever.
  6. You must be kidding. How before 2020 could be less variety than 2 Willbender + 2 Harbinger + 1 core Guardian? I don't remember any moment in time at which PvP stacked only 2 classes.
  7. Doesn't people in power builds drop Shiro for Jalis due Vengeful Hammers provide better damage while also provide damage mitigation? So the legendary Assasin legend is worse at its task than a bunker oriented legend (which also has better tools for things like breaking bars)...
  8. Impossible Odds should revert to its former version, to provide self quickness in PvE. Between the nerfs in damage fron sword skills, the removal of vulnerability procs across the traits, the removal of quickness and the general damage nerfs across all the classes from Feb 2018? 2019? there's no reason to run power Rev in PvE. Aside from low damage, the energy cost in Shiro are so high that you're basically camping autoattacks. A bad autoattack bot.
  9. I found that the forward placement from axe works better than the other ones (centered on you) because for PvP it adds some range and doesn't waste AoE behind you, whereas in PvE you can easily make work both systems.
  10. This would make professions with long range attacks and mobility not based on selecting a target (as Rangers, Deadeyes, Mesmers and now also Harbingers) utterly unkillable. You won't be able to chase them across the map and their long reach skills will poke you to death with any chance to close the gap and get in to mele. It will be bad at PvP but utterly terrible in WvW, when there's no "control point" to force the enemy to engage at close range...
  11. Actually that's not true. With exactly that same skill (Phase Traversal) they introduced a nerf wich canceled the teleport when the target was out of the range. But since they didn't do the same to the rest of teleports in game (as Judge's Intervention) the outrage was so loud that they backpedaled 180º and entirely restored the functionality. But at that time they probably had like a dozen of people designing the balance patches so in that sense, yeah the probabilities now are very low. But don't say "ANet never reverts a change" since albeit rare, they sometimes do it.
  12. No chance. They buffed the skill when no one was asking for and now instead of reverting the buffs they HALVED the range of the original skill, making it way worse than the original. Is clear that they want it to stay trash. Is the same as happened with the hammer or the nerfs to the core Engineer from four days ago: if you destroy something that isn't even meta (or barely played) it means that is a personal crusade of the main designer. We wouldn't see it back.
  13. Weakness is fine. The only reason you're having problems with it is due Vindi is hardcountered by, which was called it since the begining. This is not Devil May Cry, Dark Souls or Elden Ring, games with a broad access to evasion due other limitations balance the dificulty, as low sources of healing, regen, small windows to burst bosses with complex attack patterns, etc. This is a game designed to have only a couple of evades across all game modes, with limited access to extra i-frames. When you design a class to circunvent (Daredevil) or fall short (Mirage) in that basic schedule probl
  14. Are you aware that the changes benefits mele? That means that the winner is the boon death ball: you have a zerg which wins due sheer numerical advantage. If the numbers are similar and two of them are in the same map they usually evade the other and focus on getting undefended keeps and ganking small groups or roamers along the map. If the two zergs collide the loser one just leaves the map. Ranged meta allows smaller guilds with brain and discipline to harrash, bait and defeat larger groups. A mele oriented meta largely disables that chance. Is the opposite of competitive gameplay.
  15. Is because Rev players doesn't care. No one is running Vindi.
  16. What are you talking about? The buffs in damage were done in secondary skills (NOT in gs #2 or gs #5 nor the evade), and the spec overall is garbage, at every game mode. Also I hardy see them in PvP matches (I don't run one, that's for sure), and the last MAT winner team was running... like 0 Vindicatos? Yeah, op.
  17. I got the Griffon, is easy and fast to get, and only requires 300 gold coins as a entry barrier. Then started to make the Skyscales quest... last summer. Halted it in december... is just too boring to do and I find out that is a worse mount which I also don't need at nay content in the game. I don'ta have a clue about if I'll finish the task in the future.
  18. Absolutely true. But in GW2 I play Rev 80% of the time and Herald 90% of that part, so when I get tired of playing the same build, I play BAD builds for a while just to keep my sanity. So half a year ago I did roam with hammer Rev, and nowadays sometimes I run Firebrand in PvP (utterly garbage without the celestial/trailblazer stats from WvW) just because I need to change the chip for a while. My point is: I don't care the nerfs, have been a while since I run hammer on Rev and currently I'm not playing Vindi nor care for it. Also, ended up bored of power Willbender in PvP pretty fast:
  19. Couldn't care less. Stopped playing Vindicator 3 weeks ago; did play the entire 3 vs 3 almost exclusively as either condi Herald or power Renegade. I'm all for rising the evade cost to 150 units, since I have no plans to use the spec again at any content in the game. Completed (almost) the EoD maps running a condi Renegade and fastly returned to the much more lucrative HoT/PoF maps. Has been 6+ months since the last time I did use hammer at WvW roaming, and ~4 years since the WvW guild I was in faded and crumbled; I never zerg since, so hammer being irrelevant feels a bit like
  20. Overall Scrapper, due can be played at any game mode, being even meta at some. Rev hammer is atrocious at everything outside zerg vs zerg. The slowest weapon in game with the lowest damage output. Warrior's hammer is mostly cc, and damage got gutted at WvW and PvP, so almost useless outside PvE. Guardian's hammer is one of the least used weapons in the entire game, at any game mode. The new specs using hammer... So far nothing ground breaking. Nothing compared to the fun ANet stole from Warrior's hammer at the begining at the game. They did a "Bobby Kotik": stri
  21. Take in consideration that this topic is mainly about how currently the Willbender is perceived in PvP compared to Revenants, but prior to the EoD post release buffs Guardian have been limited in PvP to just pure core support: power and condi core Guardian were too weak to be used in MATs, Dragonhunter (albeit usable in Conquest) was never used at tournaments and Firebrand, while being totally broken at PoF's release has been nerfed in so many ways (damage, sustain, support, boon duration...) that has been DELETED from PvP for at least 2.5-3 years. I don't particulary enjoy a pure supp
  22. I don't think ANet has any test control large enough in human resources or time to grant any given specific bias or control over the performance delivering of each class. In other words: the "meta" in each corner of the game is defined by what the most skilled players outside the conpany find out and chose to share, not by a "plan" or "design" from ANet or anything similar. Willbender was hot crap at EoD release and only got promoted from that status due recent buffs made it better, and due happens than one of the best players around (Naru) mains Guardian and was able to make it work.
  23. To be honest I find this spec akward and clunky to play. With a bit of lag (~90 ping) feels unforgiving and you die in a blink. When works is powerful, tho. But that's due the buffs, not due WB wasn't a total garbage at the release...
  24. If you want to run a heavy armor profession and to wield a greatsword Guardian is probably the best choice: Willbender delivers huge amounts of damage in OW in both power and condition based variants, and since the main source of its condition damage are burns triggered by hits, greatsword's #2 fits well that goal. Currently greatsword Willbender is meta in PvP, and the condition variant works extremely well in PvE (albeit scepter + sword is prefered due the faster hitting pace). The sustain is also good and moves way faster than Firebrand, albeit is harder to use compared to other professions
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