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  1. If you can make 4 sets of legendary armor like nothing i doubt that some sort of compensation will make difference for your wallet
  2. New elite spec will come with "Legendary Savior Stance" It will be purely support spec with scepter and "Thorn Crown" mechanics. Now i wonder who will be that legend?
  3. Icerazor's Ire is what make battle scars so broken. And problem not only about sustain but also DPS since scars account for a 1/4 or even 1/3 of the total DPS. Do not forget that Viper gear boost it's damage even more because scars have power scaling and Viper have a lot of it. Nowadays condi renegade have best benchmark on small hitbox and i suspect that battle scars has a great influence on this. Open world make up most of the game. And pvp it's already different game placed inside the game judging by how differently skills work compared to the rest of the game. Also
  4. For over two yeard maybe even more
  5. Other classes have to sacrifice big portion of damage for sustain while while revenant make a little tradeoff. Revenant already have one of the best sustain on its meta build while these runes in addition to this makes it unkillable if not poisoned. Even in viper gear. Basically its an extra 340hp/s (PER TARGET) just by activating EtD and using skills (which heals you even more is these skills apply torment) Looks like you using these runes and try to protect them from nerfing. Dont be afraid, Anet unlikely will do it.
  6. Judging by youtube videos people doing solo Cairn even with berserker stats on almost every class. I doubt that these runes is a key to it. Lord Hizen in his video also used all battle scars traits that is heal much more than tormenting runes. Indeed it feels tiny compared to battle scars. But this is only at first glance These runes shines when you use it on 3+ enemies. Also it dont have any ICD and heal you per stack so even if you use as exampe "Sevenshot" you will heal yourself seven times per target hit. Plus EtD + other skills that apply torment plus battle scars will r
  7. Maybe 1s internal cooldown between healing per target hit? I just tried these runes and healing they provide is absurdly high. You can just turn on "embrace the darkness" and semi-afk farming spot without fear that something will kill you. Same for group events as long EtD hitting few targets you become almost unkillable and using dodges and defensive abilities become very optional. It would be fair if any profession has this kind of option but this feature available only to revenants that make me a bit salty. Runes last bonus usually a bonus and not that powerful that make it main purp
  8. What the point of FMW change? It change nothing you just have to use it more often due cooldown reduction. Few posts above have proposed nice alternatives like completely remove quickness from it and replace it with might. At least this change will be more weightful than current one.
  9. Im not about raiding but fractals(including cm), dungeons and group open world content. Power firebrand with some boon duration is good for every content. Good damage and high uptime of quickness and other boons (depends on build).Condi firebrand have most powerful condi burst in the game. But in term of dps not top tier despite that persone above said so. Also very easy to gear because you don't need viper gear. All you need is 100% burning duration. Comfortable keybinds is very important if you want to use class on it's full potential. Sometimes f2 and f3 will save some lifes even if you pur
  10. 6th bonus: grant nearby allies 5 stacks of Might, Fury and Swiftness for 8 seconds while in combat. By having 100% boon duration it grant 20 seconds of these boons instead of intended 16 seconds
  11. I have similar problem and everybody saying that d912pxy is the best solution. But it don't work with Windows 8. So every user that used to Win8 should update to 10 just for GW2? That ridiculous
  12. I don't see point of playing more than 1 character. I'll better be super good with one profession than be mediocre with few
  13. You said it works. Prove it.All games i played was full random, with mixed divisions. Some players are definitely just started their route in league. We are playing different games? Survivorship bias. There are alot of very good players, some of them streaming frequently. Some of them play not worse than legendary ones, but for some reason they are plat2, or plat3 max. That sentence is already prove that you not read post, or too lazy to understand point. You just see what you want to see. Because I Never talkig or whining about my badge. Better badge than i currently have is legendary, whic
  14. Wrong. As example, let's say your demanded parameters is "be adequate" "not rapist". The next day you will see, that your enterprise full of rapists and not adequate persons.Computer does not have power over human factor. You are linked video about League of Legends, but we talking about Guild wars 2. What your point? I see there are a tendency to talk only about top players What you are considered top? Donald Trump is president of USA. He is top. He don't have any problems. Does this mean that the rest of the population don't have any problems too?
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