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  1. Naw lets see one where The player character from up guild wars 1 stop the Searing of Ascalon from ever happening. I created a plot of what could happen and to the events of the game story what changes and what dose not.
  2. Every war in history ends in either genocide, occupation, or compromise. The two races dont want to war anymore and the first two would only lead to more warring. As things are right now the charr can never enjoy or fully use the land till humanity helps them out, so it's a good opportunity for them to make a compromise. Also keep in mind those were charr lands over a1000 years ago. Humanity lived there for generations so their connection to the land is still extremely significant. The humans who were born in ascalon arent at fault for the actions of their anchient ancestors. It was the only
  3. The Humans took it cause the chart couldn't stop fighting the humans who would be Ascalonian came and took it as the chart acted more like animals plus I prefer Ascalonian humans owning the lands of Ascalonian the charr even admit the want to fight the humans of Ascalonian and Kytra so if the Chart keep this up their numbers will dwindle and eventually the won't hold Ascalon I was really bummed out that the Chart were able to take it In was really hoping Ascalon would had Mae a come back with the chart stuck in the north side if the wall and the humans owning the vast southern lands and parts
  4. Actually would like t try them as a playable but then we got a few problems. One mounts, armor and clothes, the cannot climb and of course the glider and flying mounts. Yeah they could be playable but man the problems to overlook and deal makes it not able to be done.
  5. Would love to play Teugu and dwarf. I like playing human but I would just as much like to play a dwarf and Teugu.
  6. Yeah I thought of that too and I'm just hopeful the Truth will be a playable race as well, I can just hope. But most likely that won't happen till they give an ex ant ending for the game where then they can add extras.
  7. Maybe end of dragons is the fall of Cantha empire it is referee to as the dragon empire. Also I hope that I won't have to make truce with Jormag.
  8. Would have been a nice way to show fighting outside of Drizzlewood between Dominion and United Legion by having player-triggered Dominion spawns for those who have begun No Quarter or Jormag Rising in Ascalon maps... But they didn't do such so we have no clue how widespread this "charr civil war" was. But what we saw wasn't enough to risk the species. Most likely, Crecia was talking about the structure - half of the leaders have died, the peace accords with Flame got shaken, and so did the peace treaty with humans given the Dominion sieged human towns. But at best, Crecia's statements are abou
  9. Besides, what has Jormag done to suggest its being honest?It lied to Asgier about leaving the Norn alone if they went southIt manipulated Bangar into starting a massively devastating civil war among the Charr, which also led to the genocide of the Drizzlewood communitiesIt used its "Voice" to manipulate the soldiers of Jora's Keep into killing each otherIt also used its "Voice" to manipulate the Kodan, and Vigil Relief soldiers, into walking out into the snow and ice to lay down and dieIts mentally attacked Marjory, by using her dead sisters voiceIts lied/misled Bangar, its own pawn, into thin
  10. Well if were going to Cantha maybe we get too have the Tengu as a new playable race. Or we go to too the Domain of the 4 winds before going to Cantha.
  11. I thought exactly the same about this some weeks ago.Sadly, the way this story is currently headed to, and the games overall structure, won't allow this. Unless you do it like in Fractals, and get character model for the side you chose while in a match. And even then, the story must allow such a thing to happen.I agree, we had so many supernatural enemies, godlike beings and cataclysmic events, that a good old war would actually be refreshing. True. Jennah was portrayed kinda kitten in the living story, but overall, her goals are tame.Anise is loyal to her Queen.We still have Livia, but there
  12. I mean, we see some Svanir in Forged in Steel that are no different than any other Svanir. I don't think that Jormag is exercising absolute mind control over them to relax in hotsprings. We've also seen Jormag create constructs for the Svanir to hunt, too. Which is just basically making toys for her mortal kids to play with. I can't think of any good reason for Jormag to exercise compulsion over the Svanir to destroy their own ice constructs either. What I've seen is that those branded by Jormag just tend to really like their dragon and they're very appreciative of them. At this point, I'm of
  13. Could not agree more the female charr of flame or more friendly and hopefully those female charr will be able to teach it to their daughters as well that they do not have to be so hostile like the rest of the legions are.
  14. be proud, charr forever. Die mouse! (Not irl, just your character) I missed the other comment, but I love when people are called "traitors" for... not helping people who are literally A: not of their nation/group, and B: not even the same race. Like when Adelbern accused a Native Krytan, visiting Ascalon on a diplomatic aid mission, of high treason against Ascalon.But he was sadly a white mantel who in the end proved to be an enemy, not all in the white mantel are the enemy they may have stoped the charr but at a price kiled their own people in secert for being chosen which would have include
  15. Would be instresting if somehow in guild wars 1 the human character you paly stopped the searing oh what changes that would do to history and it would deal a blow to the shaman charr's promis of victory and may caused a splitering of the legion earlier awith Ascalon still standing as a nation and the great wall standing as provef that walls work cannot defeat your foes on the battle field do it from a wall. Ascalon still standing would leave the charr still at war with Ascalon and bitter that they still did not win.
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