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  1. So while thinking more about qorking on hammer I would actually change the the 3 skill on each attunment to instead be an aura appropriate to each and take all the damage from that and give it to the skills that need it. They could still make a trait that affects transmutation of auras to be a finisher of sorts(if they feel the need). As for the orbs they could put the animations onto the utilities and could even have them flip over to those rotating orbs. Each giving the utility buff instead of what it did on hammer. There are a number of ways they could work with tho
  2. That is unusual, because I have an average to good gaming laptop and my average fps is much better than that. If you continue to have issues I would recommend putting the character render count to a lower setting. That should at least boost your performance in busier areas without losing out on shiny graphics. (Sorry a bit late)
  3. Personally I would remove the buffs tweak the damage and spread it to the other hammer skills instead. Hammer 3 mostly just looks nice though at least now it has the purpose of being a finisher.
  4. A very nice post indeed and I don't wanna downplay it too much. Because I respect and want to agree with most of what you say but, generally most large wvw groups don't run elementalist anymore. When I used to run with a t1 guild a few years back my tempest had its uses. But that has dwindled down to near 0 now. That said I am hardcore dedicated to my ele, so I always play them regardless. But pre expansions ele was truly something special in wvw, even with HOT. The irony of weaver being my favourite but with ele being left in the outer rings despite that is not
  5. I like your optimism, and I certainly hope it turns out like that. But I'm not gonna hold my breath anymore until I see it working well in game cause we're certainly not getting any reassurance on the forums.
  6. You don't need to imagine what they were thinking because they weren't thinking anything from the looks of it.
  7. I actually really like your idea of the arcane element being something you switch into like druid's celestial form. But instead of weapon I would change it to the role it plays depends on the last attunment you were in. Like a switch from earth might give arcane skills that block or cc, a switch from air may be more mobile, water may give various boons etc. Would also mean less for them to come up with. As for the utilities I would suggest ward skills, which were the elementalist take on wells. Like a mix between ranger spirits and necro wells. There is much more potential for cat
  8. The difference is Ele players came to the conclusion after playing it in the beta. Engineers have not. Now if these comments are heard after the beta then sure, 100% there with you. The idea and concept at the very least of how you can customise your mechanic with the traits like that is what I would have liked for the catalyst holo toy.
  9. It's quite amazing the difference in effort. Take a look at Engineer even, their mech has traits that customize how it works what skills it has etc. And catalyst with their stationary 1 dimensial holo field. Yeah, I am hoping that this is just showing how much more polished classes can be with more time.
  10. I don't think anyone will be running hammer not to mention cata in raids at this rate.
  11. Colour me impressed, I wasn't sure about it at first but the more I read it the more I liked the idea of it.
  12. I personally would be in favour of a no rally mechanic and a restricted downstate instead of the current instagib. Will have to wait and see what they do.
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