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  1. I know, and I am not really supporting a change to make 100% duration required. I was more so making a point and comparison of Qcata issues verse other Qdps and how others can get by fine without any yet cata struggles
  2. How about we make all the boon dps require 100% boon duration to provide decent uptime then to be fair? 100% for herald, 100% for chrono, 100% for quick firebrand, the lot
  3. Personally I think warhorn should lose much more of it's dps focus and just stick to mostly support like it was originally intended. Currently it's the best in all 3 areas of support, power dmg and condi dmg for pve. Kinda sick of using it, makes me wish even more that pistol was offhand to pair with scepter so at least condi would have a different option.
  4. I love ele and have invested too much into the class to ever change mains at this point, but if you're coming in fresh again and are open to try something else I would recommend trying some other classes first before getting back into ele and then see if you still want to main ele again.
  5. Yet it's only used for 3 or so of the skills available. And since warhorn got untied has been put on the eternal bench in pve and you'll only really see it in pvp with some fresh air and other similar builds because of obsidian flesh and swirling winds. Saying that as someone who often used it and liked it until I realised the only reasons I or anyone else really used it for were....rather limited.
  6. I know...that's the whole point....personally I think pistol would have been better being condi burst focused than condi duration, it's only good for long duration fights with long or no phases. I wasn't calling for tempest to be nerfed, though the reality should be weaver and catalyst should be at least similarily or more rewarding in the more offensive specs but not sure if that will ever happen.
  7. Because the support weapon warhorn must also be the best power and condi dps option for ele, what is dagger supposed to be anyways? and focus is taken for 2 skills which are mostly for pvp.
  8. I mean you can still cast it on yourself, for blasting might and heals, and if you're jumping too someone or something well it's a nice cc now more so in pve. But yeah if we could have all that without the jumping that'd be great. But considering all that ele has been "given" of late, I'm very catious about asking anything these days.
  9. I get you but the weapon really was only good on tepest, it was trash on weaver and a mess on catalyst. Which says a lot about things.
  10. I actually like they gave it a CC now, so I'm not too fussed about arcane wave, that and arcane brilliance might be the only two good changes for ele in the whole patch. the other arcane skills and GM trait however....leave much to be desired. Helps give an easy access cc not reliant on being in the right attunement at the right time at least. I use it on heals and power dps builds, no use in condi however ofc.
  11. I like those imaginary patch notes you are reading and would like to have some too.
  12. So all ele pistol got updated is some mixed up animations so everything doesn't look exactly the same and some more hard to read buff icons. Nothing with making the gameplay of pistol less clunky and more fun and nothing to make air a useless attunement to swap to. I guess I can't be too surprised looking at what they were trying to do with pistol(take all the messy annoying parts of being an ele to focus into one weapon). Hopefully the changes to shortbow for engie will at least make one of the weapons a less bland and more interesting choice, though I'm really gonna have to wait and see on this one. (For most of the others it seems they listened to some of the main pain points kinda). If pistol was more akin to necro pistol in that you could still do some decent power damage if you specced for it, it would explain air attunement and make some sense for a change.
  13. My wish is for them to not kill ele further. Bonus if they can rework conjures and not find elementals or glyph of storms on every single dps build for a change. Variety is the spice of life. Ok I really just want them to make hammer #3 skills work in a way that makes them not look like token buffs but more like actual weapon skills. And catalyst energy mechanic is just rude. Yup still here I guess, so I'll add on making pistol offhand or at least a more interesting choice than it is now. (Oh and longbow for next ele weapon please and thank you ❤)
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