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  1. I know I can change layouts, but main problem is why it is adding this keyboard layout on its own? I have literally nothing in English in my Windows, let alone keyboard.
  2. Issue is still there. Any proper fixes? I have nothing related to English in my system, all in German but after running GW2 US English keyboard added. I can't even see it in my region & language settings tab.
  3. Thanks everyone for their answers. I will now try Mesmer. It seems if I can master it, it would be better choice and it will be a change for me because I played heavy armor melee fighters for a very long time. If not, I will go with Guardian :)
  4. Considering I am always finding myself in melee (thanks to my old tanking habits) Warrior and Guardian could fit me better than others I think or maybe Mesmer?. Comparing three of them, which one can do more dps and have better survival, and which one is more wanted by other players? I don't think I will go as a healer, never liked healing :)
  5. You want to be a tank profession while also being a ranged DPS. The closest thing that comes to that is the Dragonhunter. It's an elite specialization for the guardian that focuses on using a longbow to attack enemies from far away while also being able to bunker capture points, assuming you're talking about PvP. If you're more of an open world PvE person, then play warrior using a rifle. It's a weapon that deals only power damage and it is fun to use it in PvE. Warrior is a good profession for beginners. That doesn't mean it doesn't require skill to play, it's just that it's more forgiving wh
  6. Hi! I played WoW for several years myself and preferred tanking roles in raids, although I played everything. But this game is very different. There is no tanking here because there are no usable threat mechanics. Also, most classes are capable of playing both ranged and melee simultaneously via swapping weapons in combat. This isn't necessarily bad news, however. In GW2 you can actually be the aggressive bruiser, charging into a pile of enemies with no fear...and also be the mage or archer. All at the same time! For example, my Mirage (Mesmer PoF elite specialization) wields axe and torch fo
  7. Hello I am a very long term (8+ years) WoW Tauren Warrior / Paladin tank and short term (2+ years) Mage player. I played GW2 for several months, took long breaks, and now I am thinking about going back again. Which class do you think I could master easily? I love tanking a lot but I also liked ranged DPS like my frostmage a lot too. Thanks again
  8. Hello I am trying to find a way to buy Path of Fire expansion but official page is broken. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/path-of-fire/ > Buy Here is web page I am getting. https://imgur.com/a/6FKLa I tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge but still same.
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