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  1. I tried to make plaguedoctor work, in the end i put it on an ele (one minstrel, one plaguedoc) for fun For mesmer I run a mix of shaman and apo gear and tormenting runes on sword/pistol scepter/torch. Its not perfect but its a fun build i think 1330 condi and 1.1k healing and 25k health. I dont run inspiration but when you do sustain is nice.
  2. I went with plaguedoc excluding 3 trinkets/rings i couldn't get and went apo, so its about 970/970 condi/healing. I go water/earth/tempest and D/F. Traveller runes, benev/transference and its enough minstrel support to be "ok" to help people, and really good at capturing camps and i did take a tower with it but it took ages.. that's about it though, won't kill decent players although you can scare them off. They rarely can kill you though. :( I really don't like weaver. Need tempest builds :>
  3. id like to make something like this work. for runes i would probably stick with traveler or speed runes since you have access to swiftness
  4. I am still running traveler runes, i need the speed. I did try tormenting runes but swapped them out. i run sword/pistol scept/torch kind of hybrid. (I should also mention im average player :))
  5. Id give a lot for a viable tempest build :) i still bring out minstrel auramancer for fun though
  6. I tried them with my build (marshals/griev/hybrid). They are good but i think needs time to setup. I went back to travelers runes. Probably be good for dumb open world spam builds? or for pure condi builds
  7. Probably not the place for it but i dont really enjoy GS but want to move away from hybrid... got any good tips tricks or builds for like sword/torch/scepter/pistol builds or should I give up now :)
  8. I roam solo or join zergs. Sydney on aussiebroadband. Its not terrible but you might want to stick on ranged classes or classes that are a bit more forgiving in gameplay. Disclaimer is i'm an average player though.
  9. yeah i can't get away from traveler runes. its a quality of life thing
  10. I'm an aussie that plays on JQ but I think SOS has the biggest OCX guilds for wvw. A fair few guilds there.
  11. I have come across S/D (?) weaver roamers but from the looks of it, very high skill level needed to make it good.
  12. I find it not so great with all the unblockable rangers out there, had to change a few things up (seems to be a lot more 5+ gank squads around)It was fun though 2 of us on sup arrow carts killing 5-10+ Its great as a gimmick but long term i think not.
  13. I play a D/F minstrel still, i really like it. i did try it with apo runes and was ok but wouldn't really keep it
  14. Most people probably see base necro and think a free kill. I enjoyed it, and im getting bored of scourge :p
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