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  1. Yeah I heard it was worse, but I am still not liking it lol. I have been looking at guides and farming nodes, doing hearts, and farming in Bjora.
  2. I have noticed that while Skyscale farming currency nodes are not guaranteeing currency item. This is super disappointing. The grind is painful enough as is, why did the devs make the node drops random?
  3. Thanks! For those looking for information on this https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dragon_Response_Mission
  4. https://ibb.co/dmFYDJc Not letting me post the image for some reason in the original post.
  5. I have been trying to get the Calderon Forest Mastery Point here . I am right on top of it and have looked in caves etc. but cannot figure out how to get it. Is this a bug?
  6. I am on a US server and wouldn't mind doing it. I am a support Auramancer.
  7. Can someone clarify what they mean by a vendor providing account wide agony resistance?
  8. That is what I am doing. But it still seems like it will cost a pretty penny to infuse and attune the gear.
  9. I was excited about this as well. Would love someone to shed some light on this.
  10. I do not. I am in all exotic atm and working towards full ascended. Having issues farming gold and other things that would speed the process up.
  11. I have been doing them, but I am now at the stage where I will start needing to worry about Agony resistance.
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