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  1. Please my goodness! Two WvW events and still not the marauder warclaw skin! Please! My ENTIRE!!! guild wants this!! The Halloween mounts have been on the store for months!! Please!! New Mount Ticket skins!! MARAUDER Warclaw!! Highly requested!! Even on this thread!
  2. Same, I relogged because I bought gems and it didn't give them to me and I have the same issue. East Coast.
  3. This and more of this! A CRIME INDEED!!!!!!
  4. Please.. can we add War-Torn Marauder back in the store! My Entire guild wants that thing!! & It's NO down state week!!!
  5. Literally my entire guild want this.. and it's No Down State week.. PLEASE! WE WANT TO GIVE YOU OUR MONEYYYY THE MARAUDER BEAR WARCLAW!
  6. Half of my guild is waiting for the WvW BearClaw - Please put it back in the store!!
  7. Please put the bear warclaw skin back in the gem store! Like half of my guild wants to buy that thing for WvW!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hey guys. No Motive put out a video last night. We're on HoD and are just trying to have some fun. This is a warrior PoV and mostly quick Bombs. Thanks for your time! Enjoy your week!
  9. No No No, you guys aren't listening. This literally DOESN'T show the effect of Aurora. That is the bug I'm referring to. I have to reequip the item JUST to SEE the glowing effects.
  10. Yes! This is happening to me and most of my guild as well! Please look into this!
  11. Yes, my whole guild has this issue and would appreciate it being looked into!! Please fix this!! We're tired of having to RE-Equip to see our glowing balls.
  12. I agree, the flight cap needs to GO!!!!! or make it fly longer... It's pretty simple..It's a DRAGON and can barely fly.
  13. Well, I hope they do. It would be amazing and LOTS of people really would be greatful!
  14. Break Bar is a horrible idea. IMO. I'd stick with the dismount skill, that sounds fantastic and I can play some other characters again. I think both players should be dismounted otherwise, people would just dismount and run away to be trolls. I can't stress enough though, obviously this my personal and guilds opinion only, Break Bar would be a BAD idea. Simple is more, SOMETIMES - THANK YOU! For updates!!
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