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  1. I happen to like fretting over arcdps, making informed decisions about who's failing, and seeing how far I can push my class. Who are you to say I'm not having fun? Toxicity only happens when non like minded players try to join each others groups. Stick to your own kind and there won't be a problem.
  2. OK, but how would you construct such a gear score (SWTOR calls it "Item Rating", for reference) in GW2? Would it have to show bias toward certain stats? If so, why? (I have a Reaper build that's based on Valkyrie gear, kitten. With all that Vitality, a stat-biased gear score would probably mark it down, but it's almost indestructible and still delivers substantial damage.) Then again, in most games, the gear score (whatever it's called) is some way short of the full answer, since it almost never identifies gearsets that are weak because of an improper stat mix. And in general, this thread
  3. And of course, I'm the opposite. I effortlessly hopped to WoW after experiencing PoF (and of course because new expansion launched). I still play but not as much. If open world mobs were to be made harder like many repliers seem to dream of (which means 1/2 playerbase dying most of the time to the mob, not just downing, outright dying), I wouldn't be able to enjoy open world anymore. Don't you get tired of whacking mobs all the time? Might as well put a target dummy or combat simulation that gives loot after it dies in middle of LA. Don't you get enough combat satisfaction in fractals or raids
  4. Spirits - this is irreplaceable much like banners because it is a unique buff no one but Rangers have access to. No buff ele provides is equatable for dps output for a squad.Entangle - a long duration immob unique to Rangers that is used on many bosses. Sam, deimos, gors, vgTides and longbow - the best pushes in the game used on sh, vg, sam.All of this is combined with the fact that you can do all of these mechanics on a support slot so dps can focus on damage. Not to mention the other adaptable utility druid can bring like a pull res, omega condi cleanse, aoe stun break, an aoe res, the abili
  5. You need to understand what a rotation is. Practically any way that a player commonly uses their skills is a rotation. Mashing their skills is a rotation. Removing rotations is practically impossible.Then we understand the term differently. For me, random mashing buttons is not a rotation. It is random mashing buttons. Rotation for me is having a certain sequence of skills you need to follow in the right order. The alternative would be a dynamic system, where you use skills according to the current situation and certain priorities, and have no set rotation to follow. This is actually a super
  6. When it comes to rotations, staff DD is about as easy as it comes. Rotation is dodge + autochain + weakening charge. Occasionally hit your assassin signet and spam 2. Thief utility is also really good with stolen skills. What is it about DD that you're having trouble with?
  7. Many guilds including mine does raid trainings which will fill the that you are asking. See... There was the time that I've thought just like you: that people complaining about "hard content" just can't "solve it" and need help. But there were already threads even about (pof) story bosses where multiple people linked videos with a few different tactics and easly defeating the boss on undergeared characters (because some people complained they need to farm top/optimal gear for that), but most of the answers boiled down to "I don't want you to help me, I want it to be easier".And -I think- this
  8. Misclicked my vote but strike versions of the existing raids would be neat. The argument always boils down to rewards and dev resources.
  9. This is absolutely untrue. I've already mentioned that the vast majority of builds on the SC site are NOT meta and certainly not designed as speedkill builds. As are the guides accompanying them them. Your entire premise is incorrect from the get go. SC give detailed builds and guides for a variety of skill levels and most are in fact neither meta, nor recommended on many bosses (some even on none). Yet there are still guides and advice for them. That does require someone actually READ through the site though. I mean sure, we could demand SC use some kind of text to speech program and upload v
  10. Sounds like you want a game with gear progression so that you can outgear any obstacles you happen to come across. GW2 is not the game for you as all of the progression in expansion content is (player) skill progression. Gear cap is hit before you ever hit expansion content so overcoming the expansion challenges is completely a gitgud situation. People who haven't learned how to use active defenses and play with the mentality of "getting hit once means I failed combat" will struggle. The masteries do help you navigate more easily but largely are not useful in combat.
  11. In fairness, video games are usually both: a challenge to overcome and a power fantasy wrapped around it, to make overcoming a rather pedestrian sort of challenge (don't stand in orange circle) feel satisfyingly momentous in some way (you saved the world, commander!). But both are earned in some fashion, not just given out because you showed up. login rewards...literally the best gear, just for logging in. OTOH, i can spam buttons in super long fights without ANY rewards.if you wanna talk about "earning " things, this game is prolly one of the worst examples What login rewards? Also what exac
  12. Uh, how is LW not casual when it's literally impossible to fail the new metas on the new maps and literally impossible to fail in the story if you pay any amount of attention? not true, it is more casual though. you still have all the previous LWS before that. and i dont care about metas anywayit is also a new form of LW, the reduction in difficulty is prolly the only reason for the name change Look, I was super casual when season 2 came out. (I used a shout heals warrior in full clerics, then a interrupt warrior with hammer/greatsword in cavalier's when unsuspecting foe was still a thing.)
  13. What do you all challenge haters pretend of this game? To be a walk in the park? Do you want anet to turn mobs into freaking paintings? Havn't you had enough with core tyria beeing so freaking easy? do you want mobs to become static with no attack or interaction whatsoever? This is the mentality that drove anet to the mess they are in now, with no clear direction and all sort of players leaving, first they lost almost all pvpers, now they are loosing hardcore pvers, soon they will only have open world bots running around playing for a few months and quitting out of boredom, and all of the ones
  14. No one cares about being popular here. Honestly if getting the answer literally handed to you in video form can't help you, then I'm not sure what will. You have not articulated in any fashion why the strategies provided by people in this thread are not useful. We are not here to agree with you. You presented an idea that is clearly way below the status quo for difficulty and are receiving the well expected disagreement. seeing a video doesnt magically give you the same skills. and isnt the first thread about this fight either.some classes can literally do it without breaking a sweat, while
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